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Amanda Van Annan’s New Book “Win The Runway” Helps Models Navigate the Modeling Industry

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Glamorous, elite, extravagant, stylish, and classy are the words that one would associate with the modeling world. Once in front of the camera or on the runway, models must be their best selves and make sure to draw attention to their designer clothes and other accessories they want to highlight to the audience.

In reality, behind all the glitz and glamor of the modeling industry are models facing a lot of not-so-glamorous challenges. Amanda Van Annan’s new book, “Win The Runway,” focuses on everything a model can expect in the modeling industry. There are hard truths about the challenges in the industry that are discussed in the book and Amanda makes sure to include everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“Win The Runway” is a must-read book for aspiring models looking to build a successful career. They have to be ready to face everything behind the scenes to be successful in the modeling industry. The book touches on various relevant topics, including sensitive issues currently being debated in the modeling industry. These issues include racism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and nepotism. While many are aware of the existence of these issues, not a lot has been talked about it. “Win The Runway” shares useful information that models need to know as they navigate the industry.

Amanda’s book is not only about all the challenges of the modeling industry. It is a practical guide coming from her 20-year experience as a model herself. Amanda wants to help aspiring models take their careers to new heights.

As one of the most challenging and competitive professions, modeling can be better with some help and guidance. “Win The Runway” is a comprehensive guide for models written by a successful model who has experienced and seen it all.

Amanda reveals all the essential tips that new models need to help them with modeling agencies, open calls, castings, and photoshoots. The book provides a lot of invaluable advice on navigating the complicated world of modeling. It is an expert guide for anyone wanting to succeed as a model in a highly competitive landscape.

Besides being an author and professional model, Amanda Van Annan is an accomplished actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive Producer of Great Light Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based content production company. Amanda as a successful model has worked all over the world, including Paris, London, Milan, and New York.

Being born into a family of diplomatic family, Amanda chose a different path, following her passion for the arts. She is a driven and creative individual with a proven work ethic and dedication to being the best in whatever she does. With her new book, she guides and educates new models who want to enter the modeling industry and become successful. She is also launching an online model coaching program with renowned photographers, models, and agents.

Win The Runway is available in stores June 15th 2021.

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