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Scots healer refusing to treat anyone with Covid-19 vaccination

A GLASGOW healer is refusing to treat anyone who has received a Covid-19 vaccination. 

Suzanne Holliday, founder of alternative health service White Rabbit Healing, said she would no longer be treating vaccinated clients.

Making the announcement on the company’s Instagram account on Saturday, Suzanne said she wishes “to protect my clients, myself and my child from the unknown effects of this experimental injection.” 

White Rabbit Healing screenshot - Health News Scotland
White Rabbit healing posted the update on Instagram on Saturday

Suzanne claims that side effects of the vaccine for those who are not vaccinated include passing large blood clots, swollen limbs and seizures.

She said she will review her policy in 2023 when trials over the vaccine are complete.

Since posting the update, Suzanne was forced to disabled her Instagram comments due to getting “horrific abuse” from followers who did not agree with her stance.

Her full statement reads: “Starting from Monday 31st May 2021, I (Suzanne) will not be treating any new or existing clients who have received any Covid 19 vaccination.

“This decision is not one of fear.

“Fear is the lowest vibration. It is simply to protect my clients, myself and my child from the unknown effects of this experimental injection after my own experiences since coming back to work.

Suzanne Holliday - Health News Scotland
Suzanne Holliday founded White Rabbit Healing in 2015.

“I don’t just hang out in the same room as you. I massage my skin against your skin for eight hours a day.

Suzanne listed what she claims to be as side effects of the vaccine on non vaccinated people, including women in the menopause hemorrhaging.

Other alleged side effects listed included: “Flooding from the womb, passing large blood clots and seizures.”

She continued: “Let me make it clear. I do not care how many people share the opinion that this experimental vaccine does not affect non vaccinated humans. It does. 

“The real lived experiences of thousands, mostly women, confirm this.

“Women are often dismissed and their voices silenced, however let me assure you it will not be happening at White Rabbit.

“I will review my policy after the trials are completed in 2023 and there is more evidence of the short and long term effects of this experiment.

“Any unkind, hateful private messages will be deleted and blocked.”

“I will contact all booked clients in due course, deposits refunded.

“Thank you for understanding, this is an impossible decision, knowing this will disappoint many, but one I have made with confidence.

“Love and gratitude, Suzy.

robertson white rabbit comment - Health News Scotland
Some comments fiercely backed Holliday’s decision

Suzanne ended the post by stating that her colleague, Courtney, would continue to see all clients and that she supports her decision.

White Rabbit Healing had initially posted an Instagram story last week, asking “If White Rabbit was a space exclusively for non vaccinated people only until the vaccine testing is complete in 2023 would you come? 

“This would be to protect us and our existing clients.”

The White Rabbit Healing website states that Suzanne is the daughter of a Hare Krishna devotee and psychic medium. 

It also states that she founded White Rabbit Healing in 2015 “to readdress her own mental health, balance and lack of fulfilment.” 

Most comments were not visible to read on the post after Suzanne disabled them.

However, some people shared screenshots of messages in support of her decision.

@Mogrobertson said: “Go for SCOTLAND.

“Girl, William Wallace would be immensely proud of you and all Scots who are fighting for their FREEDOM…and human rights…Lots of love from the north.

“He’d wanna shake thousands of them awake…when men were men back in the day …we need our kilted warriors back again” 

@Lvndr_nails said: “Yes! Love and support this idea so much. Well done you for taking a stand, wishing you all the healing and love.”

And @Lucybruceart wrote: “Well done for standing in your own space and being counted.” 

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