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Schoolgirl captures image of X shaped figure in sky leaving UFO enthusiasts believing it may be a visit from extra-terrestrial life

A SCHOOLGIRL has captured an image showing an X shaped figure in the sky – leaving UFO enthusiasts believing it may have been a visit from extra-terrestrial life.

Ruby Lynch was taking a photograph on her iPhone 8 of the sky above Lytham St Annes, Lancashire on Saturday when she captured the bizarre shape.

The 15-year-old was taking photographs to send to her friends and only spotted two mysterious shadows in the top right corner after she took the photographs.

ufo in lancashire - UFO News UK
There were two strange shadows in the background of Ruby Lynch’s photo                                                  (C) Ruby Lynch

The images show an X shaped shadow to the left of the image, while the one on the right is darker and looks like a small winged object.

Ruby said there were no planes in the sky at the time she took the photograph.

Her father, Michael, 50, shared the images onto a UK UFO sighting group on Facebook on Saturday, writing: “My daughter took a pic of this in the sky today, Lancashire! No noise, clean lens. Any idea what it is?” 

More than 100 members of the group commented on the post after being fascinated by the strange object. 

michael lynch facebook post - UFO News UK
Michael Lynch posted the photo to Facebook in search of an answer

Marion Wooler wrote: Wow. Was a UFO.”

Mark Guv’nor Watson said: “Freaky s***!

“Allegedly the pentagon in the US are disclosing UFO files in June. That will be interesting.

“Nick Pope has always maintained that there are other beings.”

rocky salt comment - UFO News UK
Some were convinced it was a sign of extra-terrestrial life

Andy Thompson commented: “Crikey!”

Ian Gould added: “This is a first for me! I have been investigating this phenomenon since the early 80s.

“I will take a closer look later and clean up the image. Was the picture taken outside?”

Rocky Salt said: “It’s definitely a UFO.”

Some others were quick to dismiss claims of a UFO sighting.

David McCash replied: “It is like all UFO photographs. They have no detail at all due to pixelation.

“They are blurred and out of focus. It has the attributes of bugs close to the lens taken with a device that has a rolling shutter.” 

And Jason Saddler said: “Photoshop.”

Speaking today, the Lytham St Annes High School pupil said: “I took a picture of the sky to send to my friend on Snapchat.

“I wasn’t even looking at the screen on my phone when I took the picture but when I looked at the image I could see the strange figures in the clouds. 

“I always have a clean lens and look after my phone so I knew it wasn’t a dirty lens. 

“There had been a large, loud plane flying round practicing landing at the airport in Blackpool about an hour before but there was not a plane or sound in the sky when I took the image. 

“I showed my dad the image and he was amazed and intrigued to find out what it could be as he’d never seen anything like it before.”

Last week, another potential UFO was snapped by a GP receptionist in Essex.

Rachel Wallden had not seen the disc-shaped object until looking back through her photographs.

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