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Scots artist blasts tourists for “dirty and disrespectful” behavior

A SCOTS artist has hit out at visitors after sharing “the ugly truth” about the picturesque Scottish west coast being ruined by tourists. 

Ayrshire artist Hope Blamire yesterday slammed visitors who have been disrespecting the local area over the bank holiday weekend. 

The 45-year-old said the community have already had to crowdfund for local toilets after visitors had been using the public beach to poo.

She also revealed how there were 37 motorhomes and caravans parked on a grassy bank ruining the landscape over the weekend.

Hope, who is currently staying in the Arisaig area, south of Mallaig, said that nearby areas have been left littered with BBQ’s, food waste and rubbish bags. 

Scots artist furious at disrespectful tourists - Scottish Nature News
The local beauty spot was packed with cars and motorhomes (c) Hope Blamire

And some tourists have even been spotted using fencing for fires.

The artist is now worried that the influx of tourist to the area could ruin the beautiful Scottish landscape for good.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Hope wrote: “I’m sorry for this post but it is absolutely necessary, and it’s my responsibility as someone who promotes the west coast of Scotland, to make you aware of this situation. 

“The 37 caravans and motorhomes parked on the fragile machair at the roadside of Traigh yesterday.

“The dozens of cars and campervans parked so badly at the grey sands of Morar, obstructing traffic and not having a care in the world about anyone other than themselves. 

“The dirty, dirty campers defecating on the beach, in front of people who have looked forward to staying in this picturesque part of the world for two years.”

She continued: “They came to walk the silver sands of Morar and they looked nothing like what they had known or imagined.

“There are tents everywhere and our neighbour bumped into a female on the beach at the weekend and totally unashamedly she said, Oh I’m just off down the beach to have a poo. 

“It is an absolute disgrace. The lack of disrespect and the ignorance shown by these visitors to not only the beautiful landscape here, but to the people who live here, is abhorrent.”

The post has already had more than 14,000 likes and over 8,000 shares since being posted yesterday.

The grass was burnt in over 30 places - Scottish Nature News
The grass was damaged in multiple locations (c) Hope Blamire

Many fuming Scots have weighed into the post and agree with Hope’s views.

Coire Smith said: “It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I cannot fathom how people can have so little respect for the environment and other people.” 

Karen Young said: “Thank you so much for speaking out about this.

“I was brought up in the Highlands knowing the country code from a bairn and it breaks my heart to see visitors not caring a damn. Very well said.” 

Lindsey Sage Paton said: “Thank you so much for speaking out about this despicable and disgusting behaviour going on abusing what I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world with the most beautiful welcoming hospitable people.” 

While Anne Flo-Ro added: “Well said! I just wonder at the behaviour of the human race and despair at times.

“Thank you for trying to do everything possible to preserve the beauties of my homeland that I love so much.” 

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