Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsHealthVideo shows keen under 30's running to get their vaccines

Video shows keen under 30’s running to get their vaccines

VIDEO shows keen under 30’s running to get their vaccines at Twickenham Stadium

The footage captured dozens of enthusiastic people running on the pavements and road to get to the stadium for their dose.

Thousands of people queued for hours outside the rugby stadium in order to get their vaccinations after it was announced people aged 18 and over could attend.

Up to 15,000 Pfizer jabs were made available to Londoners under the age of 30 to combat the highly infectious strain.

Although the NHS is currently calling the over-30s for their first jab, event organisers opened up the invitation to anyone over the age of 18 yesterday lunchtime.

The footage was posted on Twitter by Laura Hendry showing a massive queue of young adults either running or walking briskly towards Twickenham.

The queue for Twickenham vaccination centre - UK Health News
The queue outside Twickenham stadium as under-30s wait for their vaccine (C) Laura Hendry

The 26-year-old freelance journalist tweeted: “Made it to Twickenham! Barely anyone who isn’t under 30… and a lot of people who ran from the station to the stadium.”

The tweet has caused some controversy on Twitter, with some people reprimanding the youngsters for not “waiting their turn”.

@AHRULES36 wrote: “Why not just wait your turn until you’re called? The poor vaccinators will have been overwhelmed.”

@PaulWri89662714 said: “This was poorly communicated, dragged half of London’s under 30’s to Twickenham, a lot were disappointed. 

“This shows that organised call-ins especially to Twickenham residents under 30 would have been a better idea. A lot of 20-somethings are desperate to get vaccinated!”

@GavWilson added: “Yerrrrs you little legends. Pints of Pfizer all round! X”

The view from inside Twickenham stadium vaccination centre - UK Health News
The view from inside Twickenham vaccination centre as youths line up outside for vaccine (C) Laura Hendry

Speaking today, Laura said: “I travelled from Central London out to Twickenham in West London yesterday.

“I had pre-booked a spot for my first dose at 7.10pm so I wasn’t in a rush, but I knew they were shutting the centre for walk-ins at 7. So I got to see everyone running for a space!

“It was like match day on the road from the station to the stadium, it was really strange to see.”

Healthier North West London, a planning division of the NHS, wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Thousands of people vaccinated at @twickenhamstad today.

“Still spaces and vaccine left: now open to all 18 and over who can get here before 7.30pm!”

Laura Hendry proudly showing off her vaccination card - UK Health News
Laura Hendry proudly showing off her vaccination card following her vaccine at Twickenham stadium (C) Laura Hendry

The tweet was posted at 3.19pm and the vaccination centre shut its doors to walk-in appointments at 6.45pm.

This means that around 15,000 people saw the tweet and arrived at the stadium all within three and a half hours.

This is not usual procedure but as vaccines expire the same day that they are taken out of storage, the centre decided to offer up the vaccinations instead of letting them go to waste.

The stadium, which is usually host to the English national rugby team, was converted to England’s largest vaccination centre as part of the NHS vaccination programme.

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