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UAE vs the UK why are employee attitudes to workplace technology so different?

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The UAE has a very strong workforce and manpower that is very positive regarding modern technology compared to the United Kingdom.

There are several reasons behind the fact that the Employee attitude toward technology is much positive in the UAE compared to the UK.

But why exactly the workers in the UAE have a different opinion regarding modern technology like HRMS Software in comparison to the UK.

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Some of the reasons behind this are:

The expat in the United Arab Emirates

The majority of the population living in the United Arab Emirates are expats from different cultures and countries.

Around half of the population from the Emirates is from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and a large group of the population is from the West side of the world.

These people are more adaptive to any sort of change and learn things quickly making them more accepting of modern workplace technology compared to the locals of the United Kingdom.

The Employee of UAE have a more positive attitude toward the technology

The employees in the UAE are more positive regarding the role of technology and its importance in the workplace compared to the UK.

According to a survey around 20% of the employee in the United Kingdom are thinking that workplace technology helps connecting teams from various locations and provide good backup support at times of business.

23% of the population has a general idea that workplace technology helps in balancing remote working employees in maintaining a proper work-life balance.

The UAE GOVT is responsible

The government of the United Arab Emirates is the biggest reason behind the positive attitude of employees toward technology.

The UAE has always invested in the latest technology and the reason is that in this way the employee from all over the world in UAE was able to better adapt to technology.

All the things are done online in the United Arab Emirates from registering to booking an apartment, from registering your car to paying traffic fines all the things are done through an online app or portal making the United Arab Emirates the global hub of technology.

This all makes the employee more comfortable with the workplace technology as they have become used to using the technology and the internet for everything.

The connectivity in the UAE

Dubai is not very big in the size compared to other big countries of the world. The technology is easy to distribute in a small place.

The 4G is available in every nook and corner of Dubai and soon 5G will be available for local cellular use as well.

People in Dubai came from all over the world and you can see the native of all the countries of the world in Dubai.

That is why technology is so important for the people of Dubai because they need technology to stay connected to their friends and family from all over the world.

The people in Dubai come and leave so it is very hard to create long-term relations with co-workers and neighbours.

But where technology plays a crucial role as they can use it to stay connected with the friends when they leave for their country.

Staying in touch with your friends and family and loved ones has a very strong impact on the physical as well as mental health.

Dubai has a younger population compared to the United Kingdom

As we know the majority of the population in the UAE are ex-pats age of most of them are around 25.

The younger people have a high learning curve they learn things quickly and for them, the use of technology is a part of everyday life.

The attitude of the employees of the United Arab Emirates is much positive as compared to the local employees of the United Kingdom.

As most of the employees in the United Arab Emirates are ex-pats, they have come there of their own accord to make their life better and earn money.

According to a survey that was conducted in 2019 the UAE was one of the happiest countries in the world.

The reason behind that was the fact that UAE is an excellent country for educated employees as they can earn lots of money here.

The transportation is good here. The recreational spots are the best in the world and the health care facilities are the best in the world in Dubai.

There are a lot of spots for fun and adventure and if you are working in a good position in Dubai then there is no better place to live than Dubai.

The technology has completely swallowed Dubai and the people strictly follows the rule that is why the crime rate is extremely low in Dubai compared to the United Kingdom.

Always-on culture in UAE

The people here have most of their daily time taken over by their work. Most of the people in Dubai have left their friends and family behind so that they can give them a better lifestyle and future.

The people in the United Arab Emirates are very focused on the work always trying to get ahead of others because of the strong competition.

That is why the people working in the United Arab Emirates are more welcoming to the workplace technology as they try to find anyway possible to simplify their task and save time so that they can relax.

The companies in the United Arab Emirates have a lot of employees willing to work from them so the workers try doing more than they can do to beat others in the competition.


Because the United Arab Emirates becoming the centre of the business world the employees are always trying to work and understand technology better so they can stay up to date.

The companies always prefer the worker who has a knowledge of the technology and is comfortable with the workplace technology so that is employees in UAE are more positive toward technology.

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