A new study shows that working from home has impacted employees


RESEARCH has revealed that a huge number of Brits working from home were inadequately mismanaged which led to poor mental health.

Research from Office Furniture Online has found that Brits working from home have experienced poor leadership which has had a detrimental impact on their health.

During the pandemic, the majority of British office workers were forced to work remotely, working from home is said to continue as 43 of the UK’s largest employers have stated that they have no plans to bring staff back into the office.

Working from home is said to continue - UK news
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Working from home is said to continue.

This has had a great impact on workers as according to the research, three in four Brits have said they were poorly managed while working remotely.

Over 4 million employees believe their mental health has been ignored by their manager whilst working from home.

Employees have reported the lack of mental health support, poor leadership, micromanagement and communication issues as the top struggles over the past year.

From those asked, 54 per cent said they faced troubles working from home due to no in-person communication, 42 per cent reported lack of leadership and micromanagement as an issue and 26% said their mental health was not considered by their manager.

lack of mental health support, poor leadership, micromanagement and communication issues are the top issues - UK News
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Lack of mental health support, poor leadership, micromanagement and communication issues are the top issues.

Mark Taylor, managing director at Office Furniture Online, said: “It is clear that the pandemic has impacted how we work and has resulted in long-term changes to how many businesses will function.

“As our research shows, many workers have experienced some sort of managerial issues whilst working from home.”

He added: “Working remotely has its difficulties, but thankfully it is still possible to effectively manage your employees and look after your staff’s mental health even when outside of the office – with the right guidance.”

Office Furniture Online have sought for advice from a career coach from Leap and Leadership, Joanna Blazinska, for an insight into how employees can be supported from home.

Employers can do a range of things to ensure that employees are protected whilst working from home, they can offer praise on their performance, this makes employees feel respected and appreciated which encourages them to work better.

Employers should be understanding and approachable and educate themselves on mental health issues in order to monitor and check in with employees.

Establishing a level of trust is a valuable tool in supporting employees, employers should trust that workers can work efficiently on their own and will flag up any issues they have to the employer.

Other tools include setting goals and expectations and providing comfortable working environments which includes offering home office supplies.

Employers should also heavily focus on good communication as it is crucial to the functioning of the team in ensuing that everyone knows what their tasks are and there is no ambiguity.