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Actor Craig Parkinson thanks fans for helping in for missing cat

LINE OF DUTY star Craig Parkinson has thanked his fans for helping him in his “massive hunt” to track down his missing cat.
Parkinson, who played “The Caddy” Matthew “Dot” Cottan on the hit BBC 1 show, tweeted yesterday morning that his cat Oreo had “snuck out and legged it”.
The 45-year-old launched an investigation – which could aptly be called Operation Oreo – as he urged locals in Ancoats, Manchester and fans to help in his search.

Fe-line of Duty - Actor thanks fans for help - Animal News UK
Craig thanked fans for finding Oreo (c) Twitter

The BBC baddie, known for being hunted by AC-12, tweeted a clearer picture of Oreo, and told anyone who sees him to “scoop him up”.

Thankfully after six hours of trying to trace the feline, a relieved Parkinson filmed a video to thank his followers and showed that Oreo was back home safe.
Posting to his 54,000 followers, he initially tweeted: “Here’s a better shot of little ‘Oreo’.  
“If any MCR folk can RT this, better still, Ancoats and NQ mates. 
“If you see him. Scoop him up and let me know. 
“I’ll be shaking cat food and shouting his name around my street and beyond. Thanks”

Little Oreo was missing - Animal News UK
Oreo Craig Davidson’s cat

The tweet has been retweeted over 350 times, including by fellow Line of Duty star Gregory Piper, who played OCG member and bent copper Ryan Pilkington. 
Last night Parkinson tweeted another update – saying that Oreo had been found safe. 
He tweeted: “We found him!! 
“Massive thank you to everyone who helped and RT and to my beautiful neighbours of Ancoats who went above and beyond. 
“Oreo is home.”
The tweet was accompanied by a video of Parkinson holding Oreo, who then jumps unhappily from his arms. 
In the video Parkinson said: “So after a massive hunt, he turned up! We found him! 
“Massive thanks to everybody in Ancoats and everybody that retweeted. 
“We got him!” 
The video now has over 3,000 likes, with many people getting in touch to show their joy at Oreo’s return. 
@katebevan wrote: “HURRAY! Please give him all the treats from me.” 
@Mr_Dave_Haslam commented: “Fabulous news.” 
@jodylewis75 said: “Yay! I’ve been scrolling through to see a positive outcome and yay, he’s home. So pleased.” 
@danmcculloch added: “Oreo used the last 10 seconds of this video to escape once again.”

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