Scots council “imminently” painting yellow lines on popular beauty spot roads


A SCOTS council is “imminently” painting double yellow lines on roads that have become filled with tourists parking in the Highlands.

Highland Council has been forced to implement the new measures after tourists in motorhomes and cars were spotted parking dangerously around Scottish beauty spots.

This week the council has already

been forced to place yellow cones around rounds on the B8008 road Morar to Mallaig road which leads to the popular Silver Sands beaches.

The action follows an uproar of locals from earlier this week - Scottish Traffic News
The yellow cones have been put in place with double yellow lines to follow                                               (c) Hope Blamire

The no-parking signs were spotted yesterday following an influx of complaints from furious locals.

Highland Council yesterday revealed how they are planning to “imminently advertise a traffic regulation order” allowing them to install double yellow lines in areas.

The council are also planning to take “enforcement action on irresponsible parking”.

The call comes after Scots artist Hope Blamire penned a furious social media post about the effects tourists were having on the area.

The post, referring to the “ugly truth” of some of Scotland’s beauty spots, was liked more than 20,000 times on Facebook.

The 43-year-old wrote how tourists were causing havoc destroying the landscape, parking motorhomes all over, blocking the roads and pooing on the beach.

In a post on Tuesday, the Scots artist, who now lives in Bath, Somerset, said: “Great to see Highland Council traffic enforcement team taking action to protect this area of outstanding beauty and its community. 

“The B8008 coastal road leading to the Silver Sands of Morar now has traffic cones in place to prevent obstruction on this narrow road. 

“I have been told that the cones are to keep the area clear so that the double yellow lines can be painted next Monday.”

The post was received well with over 3,000 likes and hundreds of shares and comments.

Nicola Kerr wrote: “Good! I do think we need a national ranger service in Scotland though, with powers to act to protect the countryside from the numpties…”

The action follows an uproar of locals from earlier this week - Scottish Traffic News
The yellow cones have been put in place with double yellow lines to follow (c) Hope Blamire

Kate Jarvis said: “Well done Hope on using the reach of your social media presence to help highlight this awful impact we saw over the weekend.

“It is a shame but we need to protect as well as educate. It’s the same here where Loch Lomond national park status has meant they have suspended the right to wild camp and brought in Managed Camping rules plus more rangers to help address the damage we were seeing.”

Trish Ferguson added: “Well done Hope, when those lines are painted, the police will be able to fine/tow offenders.

“It’s great to see community care in action and you are well placed to be a powerful advocate.”

A spokeswoman for Highland Council yesterday said: “The Highland Council’s Parking Team laid out traffic cones along the B8008 in advance of the Council imminently advertising a traffic regulation order which will enable the Council to install waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) on sections of the road and to take enforcement action on irresponsible parking.”