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Partner PostsFull-Time Pharmacist to Pink Papyrus CEO: One Woman’s Success Story

Full-Time Pharmacist to Pink Papyrus CEO: One Woman’s Success Story

There’s no doubt about it: becoming an entrepreneur is a scary choice. Venturing from an already-successful career into an uncertain business endeavor is risky, but entrepreneur Christine Abdelmalek proves that nothing great happens without risk.

Christine was born and raised in New Orleans, and started her career as a pharmacist at the age of 17. She graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy at 23, and was satisfied with her steady, reliable career. While this provided a comfortable living, there was still a desire to use her creativity for something greater.

When Christine married a veterinarian, she was surrounded by pets and embraced her love of dogs. This pushed her closer to what would soon become her biggest career endeavor: the founding of a dog accessory company.

Christine conceived the idea of Pink Papyrus when she saw a woman walking her dog with an absolutely ugly leash. As a fellow dog owner, Christine decided she wanted to change that. Her goal was to make dog accessories that were not only functional, but looked nice when out for a walk. That’s when she and her husband got started in building what is now known as Pink Papyrus.

Christine officially took the plunge into entrepreneurship and left her job as a pharmacist to focus solely on her new business. It was a huge risk, but like any entrepreneur knows, you need to take risks in order to be successful. To this day, the brand’s mission is to make pets look as trendy and fashionable as their owners.

Since its creation, Pink Papyrus has become a sought-after brand among pet lovers. Pink Papyrus offers a range of fashionable dog products like shirts, patterned bandanas, leashes, collars, and waste bag holders. Every product has been meticulously designed, even taking care of finer details like zippers and buckles.

In addition to being well-designed, Christine wanted her products to be safe for pets. That’s why she ensures that all products are made using eco-friendly materials when possible, like hand-spun cotton and 100% vegan leather. This way, customers know they’re supporting a business with ethical sourcing practices.

Each product is made with the needs of dog owners in mind. For example, the BFF Mini waste bag holder serves many purposes. The faux-leather pouch can hold waste bags, keys, hand sanitizer, tissues, credit cards, and more.

As Pink Papyrus has grown, their quality products caught the attention of PetSmart. What was once a husband and wife’s passion project is now a brand available in 1,600+ PetSmart locations throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to being recognized by PetSmart, Pink Papyrus has been highlighted in renowned publications like Forbes, International Business Times, Newsweek, and Marie Claire.

Christine aims to expand her brand by introducing more accessories for dogs. She aspires to replace every mundane dog accessory with a more trendy one in the coming years.

Check out Pink Papyrus on Instagram and Facebook for cute pet pictures, offers, and customer testimonials.

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