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Finnish reality TV show on the hunt for single Scots farmers who are looking for a wife

A FINNISH reality show is on the hunt for single Scottish farmers who are looking for a wife.

The show, titled The Farmer Wants a Wife, is looking to find willing agriculturists from Scotland to take part in the new reality programme in Finland next year.

The show’s TV caster Anna Brelo is looking for single farmers aged 30-50 that would happily spend a couple of weeks in Finland for filming.

The show is on the look out for Scots single farmers -Scottish Entertainment News
The show is looking for farmers to take part next year                                                         (c) Discovery

Anna said she is looking to find potential grooms who speak English but Finnish speaking applicants would be even better.

Keen Scottish farmers would have to be on the lookout for love and be open to falling in love with a Finn for the MTV3 show.

Writing on a Scottish farming group, Anna said: “Hi Scottish farmers! I have a really random question for you all — So I’m Anna, from Finland, and I’m doing TV-castings. 

“Currently I’m looking for single farmers to join our show called Farmer Wants a Wife. Anyone familiar with the show?

Many farmers tagged their friends in the post - Scottish Entertainment News
The add was posted by the casting producer on Facebook                                                             (c) Facebook

“Does anyone know anybody who makes their living by farming (or at least a bit of living), is a single male, aged between 30-50? 

“And might be ready to fall in love with a Finn – and visit Finland for a couple of weeks some time next year? 

“And obviously someone who speaks English, or even better Finnish, but I’m not expecting the impossible.

“If you know anyone, or maybe this is you, please PM me and I’ll give you more information.

“Thank you all!”

Many farmers tagged their bachelor friends in the post and were keen on the idea of getting a wife through the show. 

One user said: “I’m up for this but only 25.”

Another said: “What a catch I would be! Single and absolute f***** rocket.”

While one added: ” Go on lad, then we can have a rave up in Finland after the lambs sale.”

The basic structure of the programme is that a number of farmers are presented with women from the city, from whom they choose one to be their spouse. 

The first edition premiered in the UK on ITV in 2001.

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