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NewsAndy Murray suggests fellow competitors fake injuries when losing matches

Andy Murray suggests fellow competitors fake injuries when losing matches

SCOTS tennis champion Andy Murray has suggested that his fellow competitors fake injuries when they’re losing a match.

The 34-year-old wrote on Twitter last night that some players might be being “wishy washy” with the truth about their injuries.

The two-time Wimbledon champion suggested that whilst falling behind on points some competitors take advantage of the medical time-out rule. 

Andy Murray tweet addressing the issue | Scottish Sports News
Murray raised the issue in response to ESPN’s Brad Gilbert on Twitter.

The rule allows the match to be halted for a maximum of three minutes for a physiotherapist to treat the athlete with potential injuries. 

The father-of-four said that injuries should be “random” and not in relation to scores at the time.

Murray made the comments on social media in response to ESPN’s Brad Gilbert reporting that Daniil Medvedev had made use of the time-out.

Brad wrote: “Strange Meddy Bear with injury timeout when rolling on elbow.”

Murray responded: “Don’t you find it strange BG that players take injury timeouts I reckon 95%of the time when losing? 

“Injuries should be random and not affected by score line, unless players are being wishy washy with the truth.”

Murray’s tweet now holds over 1,000 likes and dozens of comments from users who were mixed in their responses.

@MaesTro_RF said: “We know the players who fake their injuries. 

“They did it against you many times.”

@TheTennisTalker wrote: “So many integrity issues in tennis. 

“They never seem to get rid of them.”

Andy Murray by a tennis court | Scottish Sports News
Murray believes some competitors may take advantage of the medical time-out rule.                (C)  Andy Murray Instagram 

@LifeDjoker commented: “Is it possible they are taking the timeouts when they are losing because they have a physical issue that caused them to be there in the first place and maybe there is a chance they can stay in and win if they get the issue sorted?”

Top ranked Danish tennis player Frederick Nielsen replied: “Get rid of the injury timeout rule altogether I say…”

@jpc_tennis also said: “Maybe it is the injury/pain that has put them in a losing position. 

“I don’t agree that injuries and winning/losing positions are totally independent.”

Facing a series of back and hip injuries, which failed to be mended by multiple surgeries, Murray was forced to retire in January of 2019. 

However, earlier this year Murray was set to make a seemingly miraculous recovery having entered into the Australian Open which took place in February. 

His misfortune continued as the tennis champion tested positive for Covid-19 prior to his flight and was ruled out of the competition leaving him “gutted”. 

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