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Yerkin Tatishev on Post COVID-19 Business: “Collaboration is the Way Forward”

Collaborative Post

Yerkin Tatishev’s company has made several international
agreements throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco on Unsplash

Looking back on a year in the presence of COVID-19, the founding chairman of Kusto
Group, Yerkin Tatishev, has come to the conclusion that solidarity and cooperation is
the best way for companies to heal from the repercussions of the pandemic.

“As we enter the second year of COVID-related disruptions, it remains clear that our
economic and public health challenges are not going away soon. While the ongoing
global vaccination program is a step in the right direction, the impact of the
lockdowns and travel restrictions will be felt for years to come,” Yerkin Tatishev says.

He underlines that cross-border collaborations between firms, countries and people
play a significant role in getting back to an increasingly normal world.

Yerkin Tatishev is thrilled about the Central Asia Investment Partnership that the
United States, Uzbekistan and his native Kazakhstan signed in January 2021.

The purpose of the agreement is to promote growth in the private sector and
strengthen regional economic cooperation.

As the deal was sealed, the governments of the three countries released a statement
in which they made it clear that they will do anything that they can to raise $1 billion
over the next five years to reach their goals.

According to the statement, “the Central Asia Investment Partnership will advance
private sector-led projects that exemplify international standards for quality
infrastructure and promote inclusive, transparent and sustainable investments.”
The United States, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan believe that this will boost the success
of the projects and mobilize more private investments in the region.

“The timing of this collaboration could not be better, and it underlines the need for
economies, not just in Kazakhstan, to diversify, modernize and build resilience.

Efforts like this create the necessary environment for companies to build new
partnerships. This means making Kazakhstan more attractive to foreign investors by
improving ease of doing business such as through banking market reforms and other
areas of priority,” Yerkin Tatishev states.

Yerkin Tatishev believes in a year of successful deals

Yerkin Tatishev’s company, Kusto Group, has also gained new international partners
during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, it was announced that Yerkin Tatishev’s firm had signed an
agreement with the government of Kazakhstan and the American company Valmont

The three parties seek to help Kazakhstan become a global food provider by using
various methods.

Part of the deal, provides training for local farmers and equips a network of farms
with new pivot irrigation machines.

A factory producing at least 1,000 pivot irrigation machines a year will also be set up
in Kazakhstan.

According to Yerkin Tatishev, the new technology provided by these machines will
have a notable positive impact on crop yields, predictability and improved water
resources management.

“I am proud that we were one of the first Kazakhstani companies to do this on a
large scale,” Yerkin Tatishev says.

He adds that he hopes that the Central Asia Investment Partnership agreement is
just the first of many more collaborations with other stakeholders.

“I for one am confident that by this time next year, we will be able to look back on a
catalogue of successful deals and collaborations with governments and corporate
partners around the world,” Yerkin Tatishev continues.

Thousands impacted by COVID-19 receive aid from Yerkin Tatishev

While Yerkin Tatishev has focused on cross-border agreements during the COVID-19
pandemic, he and his company have also had time to help some of the millions of
people affected by the coronavirus.

In April 2020, Yerkin Tatishev announced that Kusto Group would donate 1 billion
Kazakhstani Tenge (an estimated $2,340,000) to its own #KustoHelp charity

The project was launched to support the most vulnerable groups of Kazakhstani
society, including large families, poor and particularly impacted people.

In collaboration with regional governments and volunteer organizations, thousands
of people received help from Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group.

Some of them received food baskets, while others were given houses, in and around
Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Because of the pandemic, kids all around the world were forced to learn how to
read, do algebra and hear about Cristopher Columbus through screens at home, but
everyone did not have the necessary tools for such sudden changes. Therefore,
Kusto Group also donated hundreds of tablets to kids for their online tuition.

In addition, Yerkin Tatishev’s firm provided medical workers in Kazakhstan with
crucial tools and medicine to ensure that they could care for patients and would
have good working conditions while fighting COVID-19.

Yerkin Tatishev also involved KazBeef, which is a subsidiary of Kusto Group, in the
project, as several hospitals in Kazakhstan were provided with meat for meals.

The charity project even made sure that the families of Kazakhstani medical workers
who died during the coronavirus pandemic would receive financial help to get by.

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