Shocking video appears to show taxi driver punching alleged fare dodger


A SHOCKING video has emerged appearing to show a taxi driver punching an alleged fare dodger. 

The footage shows a middle-aged man, who is believed to be a Scots taxi driver, punching a younger male in the face in Govanhill in Glasgow.

The clip was shared on social media yesterday and captioned “Welcome to Govanhill. He bumped a taxi and ran down a dead end”.

The grey-haired driver is shown confronting the alleged taxi fare dodger after he ran off into a dead end in the residential street.

The driver, who is wearing a checked shirt and jeans, corners the man wearing a red hoodie and is shown aggressively pointing and shouting in his face.

Within seconds the driver then lands a stiff jab to the other man’s face, sending him into the wall behind.

Whilst the man in the red jumper recovers from the harsh blow, the supposed cab driver storms off, returning to what appears to be a silver taxi.

Supposed taxi driver punches alleged fare dodger | Scottish News
One man pointed at the other twice before punching him in the face.

The video was initially posted onto TikTok but has since been removed.

It was re-shared on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Jabbed aff a taxi driver.” 

The post now collected over 800 likes with dozens of comments and retweets from Twitter users who praised the alleged taxi driver. 

@Graemeweir5 wrote: “Well done the taxi driver.

“It’s hard enough out there, never mind those feckers trying to bump you. 

supposed taxi driver walks away after punching man | Scottish News
It is alleged that the aggressor was a taxi driver confronting a customer who tried to dodge a fare.

“From a fellow taxi driver I know how it feels!”

@Neilbev1983 commented: “If you’re gonna bump a cab at least know where you’re running to.”

@CanYouSeeUsNow2 replied: “Bit of advice for the jakebaw, when you’re bumping a taxi you’re not supposed to get the taxi to your front door.

“Nice jabby on the cabbie too.”

@garya1981 said: “Nearly ko’d him with a jab.”