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How to Improve your Marketing Campaign on Instagram with Software Tools


Instagram has long been regarded as the leading network where millions of users are involved in communication, finding inspiration, friends, customers, partners, and of course, developing their businesses without missing all possibilities the network suggests. 

And also, IG has changed a lot since its founding. It proves once again the fact that the platform is developing and does not miss the opportunity to satisfy its users, who are becoming more and more numerous.

Thus, one of the most recent updates came into force at the end of May “turn off” like counts. So now you are free to switch off like counts for your posts or your news feed posts (other users). 

The IG team listens to its users and does everything possible to make the platform more beneficial for Instagrammers to come back again and again. Besides, they bring users even closer together and open up opportunities for life-like communication. Given the difficult times of the pandemic and the relevance of lockdowns, this is very much needed. The recent update in Live Rooms where now up to 3 people can join and, for example, discuss business issues, reviews, etc., in a “live mode” is a good example of such comfort networking.

So, as you see, the platform is progressing in all directions. And with it come new and updated software Insta tools like Later, Bigbangram, Buffer, VSCO, and plenty of others for more efficient business growth on the platform. In this article, you will find some helpful instruments/services for better performance and, of course, for marketing campaign enhancement on IG. Let’s go!

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Software Insta Tools for Better Content Creation

No matter how you look at it, Instagram’s main trump card is the variety of visual content and opportunities to create it. Of course, that’s what any marketing company leverages to get the most out of social media.

An attractive Stories, Reels, Live videos, IGTV, and image/video posts that are tailor-made for the audience and tastefully designed are paramount. Therefore, it’s advisable to look out for extra software tools to help you create valuable and stand-out content. 

By the way, Insta also has added an Auto-Caption sticker update for Stories to transform your speech into English words: it’s useful for people that watch Stories without sounds or for hard of hearing people capture all Stories info without missing anything.

  1. Canva, BeFunky, PicMonkey, Adobe graphics, templates designing, photo editing features.
  2. Hyperlapse, Lapse it, Quik by GoPro, Crop Square Video, Animoto, Unscreen video creating and editing tool.
  3. Infogram, — infographics.
  4. Hypetype, Over, Adobe Spark, InShot instruments for Stories editing

Software Insta Tools for Influencers Discovering

IG Search is another way of business growth as it is a chance to find clients and influencers and, of course, competitors. Thus, competition, as well as cooperation with influencers, could be the impetus for your progress. It takes considerably more time to find the right Influencers and worthy clients in the Insta space manually than if you use additional software. 

Instagram has a good search function with filters (account, location, or tags), but with particular search engines or so-called third-party searchers, you can point out more info to make search more selective (area, age, interests, and more).

 UserGems (app), Klear 9, Awario, Search users, Search (all are web-based tools) will come in handy for targeted users search which can fulfill the list of “profitable connections” and enlarge your audience of like-minders, partners, and clients.

Note: an Influencer may ask for payment for advertising your services or brand. And this is quite normal. But advertising can be free if you also advertise the Influencer’s account (here, you need to consider the number of subscribers and the popularity of the account, and other aspects).

Software Insta Tools for Progress Analysis

Analytics is vital for every stage of business enhancement. Analyzing your results helps to conclude the effectiveness of your chosen strategy. Luckily, today you can resort to using Software Insta tools, which provide statistics on your account’s progress and calculate likes, comments, and provide a deeper analysis of your and your competitors’ account growth. What about the examples of some online searchers?

  1. Instagram Insights a feature that is automatically available for business accounts.
  2. Hootsuite, Iconosquare, Keyhole web-based services for detailed analyses with a further paid version.
  3. Phlanx a simple analytic web-based tool with a free version.
  4. Falcon more detailed and advanced analytics not only for IG accounts.
  5. Analisa a standard analytical instrument providing all necessary data (includes a paid version for more in-depth analysis).

Software Insta Tools for Scheduling

Meet other helpers in your account maintenance online calendars for post-scheduling! Why is it necessary? Because they will help organize your publication schedule. In addition, you can write down topics and some ideas for future posts directly in them, add pictures, and even set a publication date, and then a scheduler will publish the content itself. Finally, it will help you remember to keep your audience informed and stay visible in their news feed.

Planoly, Hootsuite, Plann, Loomly, ContentCal, Buffer, Sendible, and many more web calendars/schedulers will make the process of creating posts much more interesting and structured.

Software Insta Tools for Smart Automation

Modern automation tools allow you to optimize the management of your account: auto-likes, follow, unfollow, messaging, auto-scheduling all in one tool. They are designed to enlarge your audience and increase their engagement in a short period.

 Upleap, Agorapulse, Bigbangram, Jarvee, Instavast, Instamber, and other IG automation software tools, in general, have a paid plan, but it’s understandable, given how many features they offer.

The last words

Any additional software is, of course, an excellent option for accelerating business development and achieving outstanding results in a short time (with the right tools, of course), but remember that successful account management cannot be done entirely without your presence. Your audience needs you and your interest and passion for them. So knowing how to combine account management with the help of additional tools is the best way to implement your business strategy successfully.