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Snickers campaigning for bank holiday to watch Scotland’s first Euros game

CONFECTIONARY giant Snickers has started a petition urging the Scottish Government to give Scots a day off for their first game of the Euros. 

Snickers said it was “totally unacceptable” that most Scots will be working while Scotland takes on Czech Republic at 2pm on Monday.

The company has now launched a campaign asking the Government to make Scotland’s first game of the tournament a bank holiday for Scots.

Snickers bank holiday petition post - Football News Scotland
Snickers have deemed it “totally unacceptable” that Scots will work during the first game.

The match is set to be Scotland‘s first major tournament since 1998. 

Snickers UK posted about their campaign on Twitter yesterday, writing: “@ScotlandNT’s first game this summer kicks off at 2pm.

“On a Monday. During work. Unacceptable.

“So, we’re out on the campaign trail today asking the Government to give everyone the day off. If they do, there’ll be free Snickers for Scotland.”

The tweet was accompanied by pictures of a giant chocolate bar campaigning at Holyrood and Edinburgh Waverley. 

Snickers bank holiday petition - Football News Scotland
Snickers launched the petition last week.

Snickers also shared a petition that they set up, titled Scotland x Snickers Bank Holiday, which reads: “It has been 23-years since the Scotland men’s team last qualified for a major football tournament.

“After such a long wait, Scotland’s first match kicks off at 2pm. On a Monday. During work hours.

“That just won’t do.

“We think this is totally unacceptable. So, we’re asking the people in power to give everyone in Scotland the day off on June 14th – the day of the first game. 

“If they do, there’ll be free Snickers for Scotland.

“Sorted. Over to you, Government.

“So, what are you waiting for?! Sign the petition now and let’s get this sorted.”

The petition, set up last week, now has over 500 signatures with Scots fully in favour of the idea. 

Giant Snickers bar Waverley- Football News Scotland
Snickers posted pictures of a giant chocolate bar at Waverley Station and Holyrood.

M. Keir said: “This sounds class and we really would appreciate it.” 

Daniel Mathie said: “I want to watch my team play in their first major tournament in 22 years and school is depriving me of that opportunity.”

Martin McCallum commented: “Please Nicola I don’t want live updates during a maths lesson.”

Michael Robinson wrote: “The timing of this game is just wrong. It’s not just important to Scotland , it’s a big deal for the Czechs too.”

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