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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Dental Implants Done!

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“A smile cures the wounding of a frown” – William Shakespeare

Everyone wants to be happy in their lives.  Happiness can knock on our doors in many forms and ways. You may have just received your first offer letter or may have  gotten a call from your best friend after a long time. Someone might have found a lost pet or may have removed a plaster from the fractured hand.  You can never limit the ways you can get  happiness from and when you do you surely want to express. Many people express their happiness in many ways. Some post it on social media while some just  go out for a long drive but whatsoever the way, it starts with a simple smile.

Yes, that’s the first and the natural way of expressing your happiness. And when we imagine any person with a smiling face, his/her teeth appear automatically. That’s because our smile and the teeth are interconnected. Brighter the teeth happier the smile.

Right from our first days in school, we are taught how to take care of our oral health. Although we brush our teeth daily, it is sometimes not enough with some people. They still get cavities and other oral problems. Well, as they say “every problem has a solution”.

Same goes with this, we have the cure for all the problems including the extraction. As many of you might be aware of the fact that one can implant the tooth he/she has extracted but the question arises whether going for a dental implant is a good option or not? I mean will there be any complications or will it be durable. Many people can think of many questions about the post implantation phase. But, have you ever thought about what we should keep in mind before doing so, i.e before going for an implant? Since everyone wants to fill in the gaps and make their dentures look perfect but not everyone is equally eligible for doing so. I mean there are a few things that differentiate two people when it comes to dental implant eligibility. Well in this blog, I’ll try to inform you about some of those things you should be knowing before going for a replacement.

  1.   Bone Amount: 

The first and the foremost thing one should be knowing is the amount of jaw bone available for the implant. The portion which is actually implanted is the bottom part of it which is very much like a screw and this screw needs to get placed in the bone.  It gets fixed in the area which remains vacant after a tooth is extracted. And as a matter of fact, this bone starts shrinking after the tooth is extracted. So in order to get a tooth implanted at a particular spot it is important to check two things in advance. First, the time period since the tooth was extracted which is directly proportional to the second thing, i.e the amount of the bone available. If the implant procedure is done without keeping these things in consideration, the chances of failure become very high. The best way to prevent any problem is to go for an x-ray beforehand to check if the amount of the bone is enough and also if it is healthy and strong.

  1.   Smoking Habits:

Other than the many health hazards and negative effects smoking has on us, implant failures are an addition to the list. Yes ,if you are a smoker and thinking of a dental implant do consult your dentist before starting saving for it. Chances are high that the response might not be in your favor. The reason being that a smoker’s mouth takes very longer to heal than a non-smoker and in some of the cases it never heals. The continuous sucking during smoking disturbs the healing mechanism and also, the bacteria and chemicals surrounding the implant spot do not make a healthy result. Your dentist may ask you to quit smoking before and during the implant procedure.

  1.   Overall health of the patient:

One of the most important factors that needs to be examined before going for an implant is the overall health of a patient. I mean there can be a lot of other ailments a person can be having which may not be very suitable for the job.   If you have any ailments like uncontrolled diabetes, HIV or other immune diseases, you must take advice from our doctor or the dentist before going for the dental implants in london. Also, there are few people who are allergic to titanium. So, in their case one should be looking for a substitute metal like zirconium or anything else. These things will only be taken care of when you’ll discuss your health conditions with the dentist before the implant.

  1.   Pre Implant Check-ups

One of the other important practices one must be doing before going for a dental implant includes the pre implant check up. These checkups are important for a number of reasons. The most important and easily understandable of them being the fact that your mouth, your jaws and the bones should be ready and eligible for the implant. There can be many reasons that can halt your plan of going for a dental implant at that particular time. One can have an underlying oral infection, or the recipient bone might not be ready for the implant and many other similar reasons can be there. Hence it is extremely important for a person intending an implant to go for a pre-implant check up.

  1.   Time duration

One must understand that implanting a tooth is a complete procedure and it might take you several  visits to your dentist. The oral condition varies from person to person and similarly it can take you a week, a couple of weeks or may be a month to complete the procedure depending on your oral health and condition. So, you must be ready to dedicate the amount of time for this procedure and also schedule your time table accordingly.  Sometimes your dentist might need to go for grafting first after extracting the offending tooth before the actual implant takes place. We must give time for it to heal and for the bone and the implant to mix so that it gets stronger which in turn makes it a successful implant. And once it gets completely gelled up, then only can we place a crown or cap and get our smile back that we had lost at the time of extraction.

After the successful implant, make sure that you visit your dentist for the follow-up checkups and other necessary checks. Remember that an implant is only as good as the amount of care you show towards it. If your dentist prohibits you from eating a particular food or following a particular routine, please follow that seriously and strictly. Wishing you all the best for your dental implant.

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