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NewsFormer presiding officer "mortified" after buying lounger covers with "cannabis leaves"

Former presiding officer “mortified” after buying lounger covers with “cannabis leaves”

FORMER presiding officer for the Scottish Parliament Tricia Marwick has been left “mortified” after accidentally buying sun lounger covers with “cannabis leaves” on them.

Marwick, an MSP of 17 years and presiding officer from 2011-2016, took to Twitter yesterday to share the blunder after buying the questionable seat covers.

Completely oblivious to the plant print, Marwick tweeted: “Postie just brought new padded covers for my sun lounger that I had ordered. Guess what? There is no sun!” 

Tricia Marwick lounger post - Consumer News Scotland
Marwick tweeted her shock at finding out the plants were “cannabis leaves”.

But having been told by husband Frank and their son that the green leaves on the covers were cannabis leaves, the 67-year-old asked her followers if they would have recognised the plant. 

She said: “So, my husband and son tell me that the pattern on the sun lounger cover is actually cannabis leaves. How would I know?

“I only bought it because it was green. I am mortified. 

“Twitter pals, what do you think?”

Tricia Marwick Cannabis lounger - Consumer News Scotland
The lounger covers appear to have green and white cannabis leaves on them.

The photo shows the black lounger cover with green and white leaves on it that appear to be cannabis leaves.

The tweet now has over 300 likes, with some users expressing sympathy for Marwick and sharing stories of similar mishaps. 

@defiaye wrote: “I got some fabric for face masks that I thought were just a leaf pattern (mostly green) until my flatmate pointed out that they were little cannabis leaves. So I never used that fabric.” 

Tricia Marwick - Consumer News Scotland
Tricia Marwick was the Residing Officer for the Scottish Government for five years.

@lesleyshaw said: “My mum did this with beach towels… used them all during her holiday and it wasn’t until my brother saw them on the washing line (for all the neighbours to see) when she came home and explained that she realised!”

Others poked fun at Marwick’s mistake. 

@holyroodmandy replied: “Have you tried smoking it?”

@AngelaHaggerty said “‘Honestly officer, I only bought it because I liked the colour’.”

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