Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Public figures urge the Royals to take action against climate change

PUBLIC FIGURES are asking the Royals to rewild their estates to fight the climate and nature crisis.

A team of the UK’s most famous nature lovers are asking the Queen and Royal Princes to super-charge the restoration of the countries endangered wildlife and landscapes.

The group are asking for the royals to stage a ‘rewilding revolution’ on their many Royal estates.

More than 100 public figures in Britain have signed the open letter - UK and World News
Picture from Wild Card
Over 100 public figures in the UK have signed the open letter to the Royals.

More than 100 celebrities, scientists and public figures have signed an open letter, organised by campaign group Wild Card, to the British Royal Family.

Letter signatories include TV environmentalists Chris Packham and Kate Humble, broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts and chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

TV star Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said: ‘A decision by the Sovereign and the rest of the Royal Family to restore ancient forests and support the return of lost wildlife to their lands could quite literally change the course of natural history in our country – and play a massive part in counteracting the alarming loss of biodiversity and the worst impacts of the climate crisis.’

Other signatories are, ex Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, author Sir Michael Morpurgo, scientists Sir David King, Sir Bob Watson and Sir Ian Boyd along with arts figures Sir Mark Rylance, Josh O’Connor and Andy Goldsworthy.

The campaign is hoping to re-wild 50 per cent of the UK - UK and World News
Photo by Film is not dead. on Unsplash
The campaign is hoping to re-wild 50 per cent of the UK.

The letter asks: “As our nation recovers from the Covid-19 crisis, and we look to the world outside our windows to nourish and inspire us, we call on you to lead the way in healing our land. We ask you to seize this moment to restore and rewild the Royal estates, bringing the hope of renewal and regrowth to the people of this country. Protect us, guide us, rewild us.”

The campaign group is hoping to see 50 per cent of the UK rewilded and are urging the largest landowners to lead the change.

The Royal Family currently control 250,00 acres of private land through its private estates and the two Royal Duchies and own a further 336,000 acres of land through the Crown Estate.

The Royal Family own enormous amounts of land - UK and World News
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash
The Royal Family own enormous amounts of land.

Emma Smart, ecologist and co-founder of Wild Card said: “It is time for the Royals to act now.

“We praise Prince Charles for taking a stand for environmental causes globally, and Prince William for his founding of the Earth shot prize to fund climate solutions over the next decade.

“However, we also need to focus on the environmental threat closer to home – the shockingly low biodiversity in huge tracts of the British landscape.”

Citizens are invited to join the campaign by writing to the Queen, Royal Princes and Royal Estate managers to ask them to rewild Royal land.

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