Shocked residents wake up to reckless driver crashing car through front door


SHOCKED residents were awoken to a reckless driver crashing directly into their front door.

Images show the aftermath of the damage caused by a suspected drunk driver on School Lane in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire on Sunday evening.

A large pile of rubble is shown surrounding the front door following the impact of the crash.

The front of the ruined home | Traffic News UK
The front porch of the home was left surrounded by rubble after the incident.          (C) Cambridgeshire Police Constabulary

Sections of bricks fell from the side of the red stone building and collected in a heap by the front porch.

The door frame was captured lying on the ground while the front door hung off the hinges inwards.

A front garden area was also destroyed following the incident.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary captured images of the scene, including a photograph of the silver Ford Fiesta that was responsible for the damage.

Blue lights highlight the damaged motor with its front bumper missing.

Luckily no one that was in the home at the time of the collision was injured.

The driver was kept in police custody overnight after being arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, drink driving and drug driving.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary posted an account of the incident to Facebook on Monday, writing: “The driver of this vehicle woke up in custody this morning after crashing into a home in School Lane, Ramsey last night.

“Thankfully no one in the house was injured.

The silver Ford Fiesta which crashed into the house | Traffic News UK
The cars bonnet could be seen covered in scratches after the crash.                        (C) Cambridgeshire Police Constabulary

“He has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, drink driving and drug driving.”

The post has now collected over 100 likes with dozens of comments from Facebook users who were shocked by the images.

Sharon Willmott wrote: “I hope the insurance for the person driving will pay for the damage to the other person’s property.”

Neil Reed said: “Ban for life, It’s about time the laws changed in this country.”

Kylie Denson commented: “Blimey, I hope the owners were ok!”

Tony Giacopazzi replied: “Suspicion? 

“There’s nothing to suspect. 

 “There’s the car and there’s the wall…”