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How to qualify for free windows and doors


In this article we are going to supply a guide informing you how to qualify for free windows and doors in the UK.

New windows and doors are essential to maintain the health of your home there by keeping your family safe at the same time.

Even if you currently have double glazed windows installed if they are older than 5 years old, they could be losing their energy efficiency over time.

Leaving your home susceptible to draughty leaky windows which can cause health concerns as well as considerably higher energy bills.

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Double glazing works by placing two panels of glass together. Then filling the space in between with a non-toxic gas that prevents heat from your home from escaping.

Over the life span of the windows the gas can slowly escape causing your windows to mist up.

If this is happening in your home, then it is safe to say that your windows and doors are due to be replaced.

Free windows and doors with the Help2Buy window scheme.

If you qualify for free windows and doors, you will under the scheme, be eligible for brand new windows and doors to be installed at no cost to yourself including the install costs.

This is because Help2Buy windows has created this unique scheme to help those in most desperate need.

The goal is to drastically improve the energy efficiency of those households in dire need, by providing funding for the new doors and windows and then by drastically reducing their household energy bills.

This should provide the qualifying households with extra money to improve the overall household’s health.

Follow the link here to learn more about energy grants and ways to save energy.

Who qualifies for Help2Buy windows free windows and doors?

The core requirements are to be the homeowner of your own property, and you must be either self-employed, employed or retired.

If you are part of a housing association or a council tenant, you will need to approach the organisation that owns and manages your property for new windows and doors.

For those who do not qualify

For anyone who does not meet the criteria there are other funding options available. Help2Buy will offer you an alternative option to suit your individual needs.

This could be an alternative source of funding or part funding depending on individual circumstances.

Once we have assessed your application, we can advise you on the best course of action available to you.

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How many grants are available?

This is extremely hard to predict as the grants are allocated on an individual need basis meaning those with the direst needs are provided with funding first.

Help2Buy is not a government backed scheme and for this reason we are not offering government funding for windows

Help2Buy Windows is a non-government organisation (NGO) that has brought together business and investors to offer new windows and doors to those who need it most in the UK.

Finally, the window recycling scheme.

There has been a lot of rumours surrounding this scheme and we would like to set the record straight here for the last time.

The window recycling scheme or the scrappage scheme as it has come to be known is a private incentive that has been put forward by certain companies.

The scheme aims to give back money to customers for recycling their old windows and doors providing further discounts towards their new windows and doors.

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