Charity shop customer finds trousers with four patches across the crotch


A CUSTOMER was shocked to find a pair of extremely worn tracksuit bottoms on sale in a charity shop – with at least four patches sewn on across the crotch. 

Rosie Williams discovered the worn down joggers on sale for £2 when she was shopping in the Cancer Research store Basildon, Essex, on Tuesday. 

Although a fan of second-hand clothes, the support worker from Tilbury, Essex thought these particular bottoms might have had their time. 

The trouser crotch with four patches | Consumer News UK
The trousers had at least four patches stitched across the crotch.                                                           (C) Rosie Williams

An image shows Rosie holding up the grey joggers which have been patched with stitches at least four times across the groin area.

One larger patch extends on to the leg whilst three smaller patches have been fitted more centrally to the seam on the crotch. 

Rosie, 26, posted her discovery to Facebook on Tuesday writing: “HUGE fan of getting wear out of clothes but think it might finally be time to let these go? 

“£2 Cancer Research Basildon.”

The post has now collected over 1,600 likes, with hundreds of comments from Facebook users who joked in their responses.

One member wrote: “Someone’s favourite joggers slipped into the charity bag on the sly by the missus.”

Another member joked: “Kanye West’s Summer 2021 collection.”

One user replied: “I’m not laughing at the fact that these have been patched multiple times because I guess anyone can fall on hard times…

“But who in their right mind thinks anyone will buy these from a charity shop?”

The patched dark grey tracksuit bottoms | Consumer News UK
Despite being a fan of getting good wear out of clothes, Rosie thought it was time for these trousers to go.                        (C) Rosie Williams

Whilst another added: “Blimey! How many patches?

“That beast was just itching to escape wasn’t he?”

One user also said: “Unpick the patches and it’s an instant testicle cooler, perfect for summer.”

Speaking today Rosie said: “I was having a mooch through the charity shops in Basildon yesterday as I like to buy second hand and they’re normally pretty good but I came across those bad boys…

“I was very shocked. 

“I’m used to charity shops but this was something else.

“I actually kind of yelped a bit and put them back.

“Well there’s always a lot of dodgy stuff in them but I normally find stuff I like. 

“Basically my whole wardrobe is second hand so I’m glad it’s not all grim.”