Scots punter praised for enjoying pint in the sun – with his jeans around his ankles


A NONCHALANT Scots punter has been praised for enjoying a pint in the sun – with his jeans around his ankles. 

The middle-aged pub-goer was photographed outside a pub in Aberdeen on Friday with his trousers down as he enjoyed the recent Scottish sunshine.

The brazen man was clearly enjoying the heat as he soaked up the rays which hit over 20 degrees last weekend.

Punter sunbathing with his trousers down | Scottish News
The man could be seen embracing the sun with his trousers by his ankles whilst enjoying a pint.                       (C) rbm1895

The hilarious image shows the male sitting in a metal chair with dark blue denim jeans at his ankles, exposing his blue checkered boxer shorts. 

His eyes appear to be shut and his arms and face look sun kissed from the eagerly awaited sunshine.

The unknown punter appears to be trying to catch some colour on his pale white legs by all means possible.

Next to the man is a metal and wood table holding two pints of Carling, a green lighter and a black ashtray. 

Twitter user @rbm1895 captured the image and posted it to Twitter on Friday, writing: “When you go out in jeans and wish you wore shorts.”

The post soon went viral with it now holding over 100,000 likes, 13,000 retweets and 700 comments from Twitter users who impressed by boozers boldness.

@rustyk1971 wrote: “Taking a risk leaving anything on that table….it’s not like he’s going to chase you for more than a yard or two.”

Man with trousers down sunbathing tweet | Scottish News
The hilarious image of the bold boozer sunbathing soon went viral on twitter.

@mattbo324 replied: “Nobody in their right mind is messing with a guy that gives this kinda I don’t give a f*** energy. They’ll let this fella drink in peace.” 

@bagga9 commented: “Fair play to the lad. 

“His ankles must be sweating.”

@TheVanBlade added: “That’s actually genius, why the hell haven’t we thought of this before? 

“That lad’s not got the crotch swamp.”

@5up3rL33ds commented: “I’ve wanted to do this so many times, they’re not on show here but that man has massive b******s, fair play.”