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Scots pupil pens brilliant letter to headteacher pleading for school to be allowed to watch Euros

A SCOTS schoolgirl has written an adorable letter to her headmaster pleading for her school to be allowed to to watch Scotland play at the Euros. 

Poppy Lord typed up the request for Ms Crombie, the headmaster at St Stephen’s Primary in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, on Tuesday.

The ten-year-old asked Ms Crombie to allow pupils to watch Scotland play Czech Republic on Monday in their first major tournament since 1998.

Poppy has been collecting stickers of the squad - Scottish Football News
Poppy with her John McGinn sticker –                                                                                               (c) Ricki Lord

The P6 pupil was inspired by her dad Ricki who had reminisced with her about watching the Scotland games at school when he was the same age as Poppy.

Ricki posted his daughter’s letter on Twitter yesterday, captioned: “Poppy has decided to start a campaign at school with a letter to the Head Teacher.

“Very proud and a bit emotional.”

Scotland midfielder John McGinn even backed the campaign, tweeting: “Some letter Poppy and an even better school! Cmon Ms Crombie.” 

Poppy’s letter read: “Dear Ms Crombie,

“I’m writing this letter to you to give you some reasons why you should consider letting the school watch the Euro football competition.

“This competition may seem like just a football game but it is so much more than that! 

“This game could inspire so many children to follow their dreams, imagine the smile on our beautiful faces if Scotland scored a goal! 

The father-daughter duo are buzzing for the upcoming games - Scottish Football News
The father-daughter duo are buzzing for the Euros                                                                           (c) – Ricki Lord

“Another reason that I think is important is, it is a part of our culture and would show that we are true Scots!

“My dad said that in 1998 he got to watch the World Cup in his primary school, so why shouldn’t we?

“The Euros start at 2pm, so we could do all of our school work then watch it in the afternoon.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter.

“Yours sincerely Poppy Lord xxx.” 

Poppy's brilliant letter - Scottish Football News
Poppy’s brilliant letter                                                                                                              (c) Ricki Lord

The post has gained over 1,500 likes and 200 shares on Twitter since it was posted.

@BThreadwell joked: “She’s got some high expectations of you boys, ‘if Scotland score a goal’.” 

While @VillaMad3 added: “Come on Mrs Crombie, it will only be a maximum of three games.” 

@quinny71 said: “Yes Ms Crombie, do the right thing – I can almost see your smile as you walk away from the classroom as all the children cheer at the start of the match. (And I’ve never met you).”

St Stephen’s Primary last night launched a poll asking: “Do you support Poppy’s campaign – should we watch the match?”

Social media users have voted in favour of Poppy’s campaign with over 96% saying yes from 3,590 votes.

Speaking today, Ricki, 33, said: “Poppy can normally take or leave football, she’s come to a few games with me over the years but never shown a huge interest.

“I’m a big Scotland fan so I think the fact I’ve been going on about the Euros for the past seven months has rubbed off on her.

“We completed the Scotland sticker album together and it got her interested – knowing the players names and who they play for. 

“I told her that it was funny to think that she is in Primary 6 now and I was in Primary 6 the last time we were in a tournament. 

“She couldn’t believe I had been waiting since her age to now (“but you’re an old man”).” 

Ricki added: “I was telling her that I still vividly remember the school TV being wheeled into the gym for us all to watch the Scotland v Brazil game. 

“That clicked with her and she said she was away to write a letter to the headteacher to ask if they could do the same. She’s so excited. 

“I think it really demonstrates the inspiration this qualification has given to a whole generation. 

“Poppy has gone from not taking too much of an interest to asking me to watch old games so she can take notes and understand the game better. It’s unbelievable!” 

A spokeswoman for St Stephen’s Primary today said: “Following the receipt of Poppy’s letter, the headteacher of St Stephen’s hosted an online poll and as a result of its positive outcome, she has confirmed to pupils they will be able to watch the game in school on Monday.”

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