Tesco apologises after customer finds “for rectal use only” stickers on large cucumbers


TESCO has apologised after a customer stumbled across large cucumbers that had stickers on them stating “for rectal use only”.

Jesy Seklig was shocked to discover around 24 Tesco cucumbers, priced at 69p each, with the rude black and white stickers attached.

The supermarket has since denied responsibility for the labelling found at their Banbury store in Oxfordshire and said “this is not something we would do”.

Jesy Seklig cucumber tweet- Consumer News UK
Jesy Seklig tweeted Tesco in shock.

Jesy, 25, posted an image of the bizarre finding on Twitter on Friday, showing a cucumber wrapped in plastic with the sticker attached next to Tesco’s own labelling.

The tweet read: “I’m sorry WHAT @tesco.”

Tesco’s official Twitter page responded by apologising, writing: “Hello there, I am really sorry about that. 

“This looks to be a sticker that has been put on the cucumber by someone else, this is not something we would do.” 

Rectal use only cucumbers - Consumer News UK
The sticker was on around two dozen cucumbers.                                                                                       (C) Jesy Seklig

Speaking today, Jesy said: “Me and my friend found them and were very baffled as to what was going on.

“ We alerted the managers who were very good natured and had a bit of a giggle about it and they quickly rushed them all back off the shelves.

“There were about two dozen with stickers on them, but like I say, they were all rapidly whisked away! 

Tesco cucumber apology tweet- Consumer News UK
Tesco apologised and claimed their staff wouldn’t be responsible.

“I just glanced at them quickly as we were walking past.

“I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

“I reckon someone in delivery and their mates had a bit of a giggle tampering with the stock or a cheeky customer has sneakily gone round slapping these stickers on interestingly shaped veg.”

Tesco describe the cucumbers on their website as “cool, crisp and refreshing” and advise customers to wash before use.