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Modern furniture: recommendations for material choosing

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Here it is, the long-awaited finish line in a thorny war called renovation. Walls, floors, ceilings, plumbers, tilers, all ending with novelty. Now, you are truly happy and satisfied, but it’s just that one nuance that slightly lowers the level of joy. 

The amount of money spent on the renovation is several times bigger than planned, and the money left is not exactly what you planned on spending for the purchase of new furniture. In the end, they say that one needs to cook, sleep, dress – or live – on something. Then, there comes that exact moment when you have to think of how to save money on the last stage of renovation. Ah, here it is! Save money on buying furniture!

Consider contemporary outlet furniture that excites the imagination, saves space and delights the wallet. In addition to the appearance of such pieces of furniture, the material of the frame, the upholstery fabric, the filling and accessories are also important. Therefore, one should carefully study modern upholstered furniture from all sides, before deciding on what exactly to buy for the renovated home.

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Modern furniture: modular, transformable, individual

When choosing furniture, the eyes should not just look, but practically choose from what they see. In order to understand what shops are luring buyers with too expensive, trifling pieces, let’s remember what kind of furniture is a modern style one. As there is a cabinet, an entrance hall or a kitchen set in every home, let’s see how one could integrate modern style furniture in any of these spaces.

Modular furniture: only the necessary elements

This furniture is like LEGO. Each wardrobe, shelf, cabinet, table is independent and can be sold separately. At the same time, when put together, they look like a single set. It is convenient because you can change something at any time, add a new piece of furniture from your attic, that will fit like a native one. 

Furniture for the living room, bedroom and hallway can all be modular. The thing is to just buy it and set it up. Modern upholstered furniture can also be a part of this category. There are large sofas, the elements of which can be changed and swapped.

What to look for when choosing such furniture

Everyone wants to buy quality furniture. In order for a sofa, bed or armchair to retain its original appearance for a long time, do not creak and unfold easily, you need to take into account some details.

  1. The frame is the basis of any furniture. The modern style frames of furniture can be made of solid wood, metal or MDF. There are pros and cons of all these materials, so take the time to study that too.?
  2. Solid wood. The frames are made of coniferous wood or beech. Nowadays, many styles include sofas on a wooden frame, for example, colonial, Scandinavian, oriental, classic. Such a base is environmentally friendly, does not emit glue vapors, and makes the smell in the room unique. Coniferous bases bring the aroma of a cozy country house into any home. Natural wood creates a pleasant, warm environment.
  3. The movable parts of the transformation mechanism are made of metal, so the sofa could last a long time. When small squeaks appear, the connections can be easily tightened. Fully metal frames can also be a piece of modern transforming furniture. This material increases the service life of the product, even with daily folding and unfolding. Metal can also withstand heavy loads.
  4. MDF is also called fiberboard. It is afraid of high temperatures and mechanical damage. High-quality material complies with the European standard E1, and, in terms of environmental performance, it is close to natural wood. MDF does not bend, therefore it is suitable for making straight frame parts, armrest linings and built-in tables in corner sofas.

Fabric is the face of modern furniture

It is difficult to describe all the variety of colors, patterns and textures of modern upholstery. Therefore, let’s turn to the characteristics of the fabric. What it is and what qualities it should have.

Velour is a velvety material that is pleasant to the touch. It is dense, retains its original appearance for a long time, does not allow dust to pass through, and is easy to clean from animal hair. In terms of color, bold gemstone shades are the ones always in vogue. The play of light on the velor surface creates intricate patterns and noble shimmer.

When talking about maintaining this chic texture, it is better to protect such light upholstery with a rug or blanket; on a velour surface, they’ll hold well and will not slip.

Only modern outlet furniture is covered with micro-velour, a material not found in vintage shops. The special weaving in the form of a honeycomb makes the fabric very durable – it can withstand up to 60,000 abrasion cycles. The service life of such upholstery can also be extended with the help of a cape or plaid. The dense texture of micro velour allows for poor water absorption, which means liquids will not easily stain it. Therefore, most of the dirt remains on the surface and can be quickly wiped off.

Jacquard fabrics are a type of upholstery characterized by a dense wove. The base can be synthetic, cotton, or satin. Jacquard has a dense homogeneous structure, resistant to abrasion, does not creep, and does not crumble. The pattern is predominantly abstract, with oriental and floral motifs, recalling the luxury of palaces.

Flock is a material consisting of two bases. One adheres to the other in a thin layer, forming a velvety and uniform layer. Flock is a wear-resistant fabric, it quickly regains its shape, can be easily cleaned with soapy water, and does not form clutches. The appearance of such upholstery remains unchanged for up to 7 – 10 years, with proper care and handling. 

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