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Why Companies Need to Take Local SEO More Seriously


Companies often consider local promotional campaigns, sponsorships of sports events, and other opportunities to create interest. Yet, they often don’t understand or invest sufficiently in local search engine optimisation to get the kinds of gains possible when taking it more seriously.

Here is why companies should rethink their approach and embrace local SEO in their business.

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Inexpensive Marketing

Rather than thinking about it as confusing or with uncertain returns, instead, think of SEO Services as inexpensive marketing. By doing so, it can get business owners over the hump when dealing with the technological aspects.

Companies offering SEO services can perform well by improving local SEO ranking positions. This drives visitors to shopfronts or encourages them to call in or visit the company’s website. People are typically happy to skip the longer delivery times prevalent with long-distance companies too.

Many Customers Make It a Point to Buy Locally

There’s a considerable movement by consumers to avoid the large conglomerates at least some of the time. They do not like seeing corner shops going out of business because the market has been taken over by one or two heavy hitters.

Instead, consumers actually look for small, local ones to give their business to. They’re not always successful with this when finding obstacles. However, if they can locate a decent business in a quick Google voice search, they may try them.

Also, the statistics indicate that voice searches are often followed up with in-person or online shopping as soon as the same day or the next day. So, the companies that benefit do not have long to wait to see results.

Easier to Manage than Ad Campaigns

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are difficult to manage, often lose money in the early days, and only come into profit near the end. They are tricky because it’s necessary to alter the graphical ad or ad copy as results come in to tweak the response rate. Successful A-B testing with different advertising wording can increase the response rate immeasurably but is time-consuming to do.

Local SEO is something that can be pursued steadily by adding local citations, using competitor analysis, and researching what local keywords are most relevant. These largely require small blocks of time and can be allowed to sit while waiting for the results.

A Good Way to Test New Products or Services Before Launch

Another useful option with local SEO is to use it to drum up interest for a new service or product locally.

Approaching it this way can allow for a soft launch before planning to go wide. Local searches to fill a need can be paired with a new product aimed at filling it without substantial upfront expenses to trial it. Based on the rolling feedback, modifications can be made, and then more feedback is received on those too. This may help to avoid going wide on a product launch where the kinks haven’t been successfully ironed out just yet.

Local SEO can be put to many purposes. It can save on expensive marketing budgets, grab more of the local consumers, or offer trail run mini launch opportunities. Each can be beneficial in its own way.