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Scots footie fans being charged £6 for pints in plastic cups at Euro 2020 Fan Zone

Scottish footie fans are being charged up to £6 a pint in plastic cups at the Euro 2020 Fan Zone at Glasgow Green.

Fans have expressed their outrage on social media at the high prices, with the cheapest pint coming in at £5.50 for Strongbow.

Strongbow Dark Fruits is being sold at £5.70 a pint, with a pint of Heineken the most expensive at £6. 

Euro 2020 Fan Zone prices - football news Scotland
A pint of Heineken is £6, with the cheapest pint still £5.50.

Heineken is also the only lager option available. 

A 330ml bottle of non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0 costs £4.50 at the Fan Zone. 

The same sized bottles are currently available at Morrisons for £3 for four. 

Smart Water is being sold at £2.60 for a 500ml bottle, with the same bottle available at Tesco for just 65p. 

500ml bottles of soft drinks including Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Oasis all come in at £3.

@kirstdevlin tweeted: “You need to pay 20 quid to sit in Glasgow green to watch the Euros and god forbid you’re a bit peckish, these are the prices for food and drink.

Euro 2020 Fan Zone benches- football news Scotland
Drinks not bought from the Food and Beverage Garden are prohibited.                                    (C) UEFA Euro 2020 Glasgow 

“F*** sake man”

@steelmen pins said: “How rigorous are the searches for the GG Fan Zone? My friend saw the prices of beers and was thinking a hip flask may be a good idea. Definitely my friend asking.”

Paul Roche wrote on Facebook: “Zero atmosphere and even less fun.

“People wearing face masks in a public park outside.

“£6 a pint and £12 for a frozen pizza. This should have been a celebration and enjoyed. Why are people putting up with this nonsense and accepting it as anything like normal!”

Graeme McCormick said: “Worst beer I have ever drank in my life!

“£6 a pint too. Shocking!”

Euro 2020 fan zone stage- football news Scotland
Tickets for the Fan Zone are free.                                                                                        (C) UEFA Euro 2020 Glasgow 

The Fan Zone at Glasgow Green has two ticketed sessions daily.

Tickets for the Fan Zone are free, and up to 6,000 fans can attend each day. 

Six selected live performances priced at £20 per table or £10 for an accessible ticket with access to the viewing platform.

It will run for 30 days, starting on June 11th and ending on July 11th. 

Fans are prohibited from bringing in alcohol not purchased from the Food and Beverage Garden.

A spokesperson for the UEFA EURO 2020 Fan Zone at Glasgow Green said: “The prices of food and drink at the Fan Zone are in line with the wider industry and other major events and festivals.

“Tables are at the Fan Zone are ticketed but free of charge, except for six cultural events taking place on non-match days which are priced at £20 per table.”

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