Thursday, August 11, 2022
EntertainmentBoxing champ Josh Taylor shares video of impressive living room belt display

Boxing champ Josh Taylor shares video of impressive living room belt display

UNDISPUTED boxing champ Josh Taylor has shared a video of his impressive living room belts and memorabilia display.

The 30-year-old Scot showed off his huge entertainment unit yesterday by showcasing six allocated slots filled purely with his well deserved belts.

Taylor, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, also made space in his living room for a boxed signed glove from fellow undisputed Scots boxing champ, Ken Buchanan. 

The video shows Taylor’s highly decorated black entertainment centre equipped with a large television in the centre and a long and narrow electric fireplace fitted below. 

On each side of the television are three large shelves, each showcasing a belt with a strip light highlighting them from below. 

Behind each belt there is a mirrored surface reflecting the rest of the fighter’s living room. 

Taylor, who became the undisputed champion of the world on the 22 of May, posted his new layout to Twitter last night writing: “My Living room feature wall is now complete with all the belts home where they belong #visualisation #manifestcomereality #Undisputed”

Josh Taylor's home belt display | Scottish News
Josh can now show of six of his hard earned boxing belts to any of his guests.

The post has now collected over 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments and retweets from Twitter users who were still upset that Taylor didn’t receive more credit from boxing broadcasters. 

@ambery1983 wrote: “Love it, about time you got all the credit you deserve.”

@JohnWight1 said: “You were a plucky-faced young kid with a dream when I met you back in the day. 

“Look at you now. Top of the world. It’s a beautiful thing.”

@Alex_Jordan85 added: “Wrote into British boxing folklore now Josh.

“Just a pity Sky Sports didn’t give you the attention the achievement deserved!”

@kba72816095 commented: “That looks incredible, it’s even more incredible how you won them. 

“Not many have taken a harder road.”

Two of Josh Taylor's belts | Scottish News
Each shelf is mirrored at the back with a bright strip light on the bottom to highlight each belt.

Taylor fought Jose Ramirez on the 22 May joined Ken Buchanan to become the second undisputed Scottish boxing champion, exactly 50 years after his predecessor. 

Taylor has snatched fans attention through his extremely difficult record of bouts against a selection of undefeated fighters. 

The renowned Scots athlete now hopes to complete a title defence in his home country with Edinburgh castle being his dream venue choice. 

Taylor holds the WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring magazine titles since 2019 and the WBC and WBO titles after defeating José Ramírez in May 2021

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