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UncategorizedDouglas James Proves Facebook Ads Are Key To Business Success

Douglas James Proves Facebook Ads Are Key To Business Success

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With the onset of the digital age, several new industries like digital marketing and social media marketing have opened up. These new opportunities are not only beneficial for businesses but also for talented entrepreneurs who aim to help other businesses grow and reach a global audience through sales and marketing strategies.

Marketing expert Douglas James, popularly known as “The High-Ticket Client Guy” has been training entrepreneurs for over six years to scale new heights. He started his career in the Navy and soon shifted to his own entrepreneurial journey. He showed that digital marketing can make any business successful.

If you want to be a part of his journey and continue to receive important business strategies and tips from him, you can follow him on or @the_doughlasjames.

His Advice On Digital Marketing

Sharing his own journey, Douglas James emphasizes the importance of finding a niche. In his earlier days when he worked with clients from every possible industry, he did not get satisfying results. It was not until he focused on high-ticket clients, which included clients who charged at least $3000 for their product or service, that he was able to make more money.

Douglas James shared that, according to the US Small Business Administration, over 95% of small businesses are unable to last more than 5 years, which is a matter of concern. The biggest reason behind their failure is that most businesses fail to recognize the potential of the internet to find new customers and increase their sales. Now, he aims to help small business owners grow their companies and generate leads and sales through online platforms like Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads.

Importance Of Customer Services And Business Coaches

Customer care is one of the most important factors that help strengthen the bond between a brand and its audience. This is a mantra that most businesses and entrepreneurs including Douglas James believe. While businesses take other factors of marketing seriously, what they often fail to understand is that poor customer service will hamper their reputation to an extent that no new customers would want to use their service or product.

Another factor that gives the business huge leverage over the competitors is having a business coach. Being a business coach himself, Douglas James shares that it’s impossible to do everything alone. While the trial and error method might work, it will take years for you to finally succeed. Hence it’s always a good idea to hire someone who has already excelled in their field and ask them to train you to do the same.

Business coaches are people who have already seen the pitfalls and corrected the mistakes that beginners make. They have enough experience to guide you on the right path and ensure that you do not repeat the same novice mistakes. When you avoid those pitfalls, you naturally succeed faster.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you already own a business, the right advice to grow and meet new customers can be the difference between surviving and excelling in business. To get business tips from Douglas James, you can get in touch with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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