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Practical Side of to Canopies – What Should You Know

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Canopies are important outdoor shelter from harsh weather, be it intense sunlight, hail, snow or rain. It is rare to find outdoor activities that are without canopies; that’s how important they are. Awnings UK services provides you with shelter from harsh weathers, and it is also the perfect shelter for outdoor activities.

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What is a canopy?

A canopy is a structure made up of two main components, namely the overhead shade and pole support which anchors it to the ground. The overhead shade can be made of vinyl, polyester or acrylic. Also, they come in a variety of colors, giving vitality to your outdoor events.

Canopies can exist independently or, in some cases, attached to an existing building or structure.  It is in the latter case we have an awning. Awnings are usually an extension of a building as they don’t have enough pole support to exist singly. Awnings in the UK commonly serve protective and recreational purposes. While canopies can be either temporary or permanent, awnings are typically permanent fittings.

Types of canopies

There are many types of tents, however, three of them are most common. They are tension tents, pole tents and pop-up tents. Pop-up and instant are so named because of their ease of mobility and setting up. They have the lightweight variety which may not be able to withstand adverse weather conditions, so you may want to opt for more durable pop-up types. A pole tent is one that requires poles for stability.

Where to use canopies

Canopies are designed such that they are suited to accommodate people in any type of outdoor gathering. They are widely used for formal occasions, school event, sports events, reception parties, and as outside extensions for restaurant and eateries. Since canopies come in different forms, sizes and color, you can decide on what specifications will match that of your event. A formal event will require monochrome and a bit of grey and on the other hand, a wedding party needs lively colors.

How to set up canopies

  1. Remove the canopy from its bag and spread on the floor.
  2. Fix the poles in the right places and be sure they fit in properly.
  3. Secure the poles by looking out for knobs protruding out of metal holes.
  4. Hold a pole and pull it backwards — away from the centre — while another person does the same on the opposite side.
  5. The canopy will automatically pop up.

How to collapse canopies

  1. Go to all the poles and force in the knobs out of the holes.
  2. That action will cause the poles to release the canopy.
  3. Together with a partner, move towards the centre of the canopy and the material will fold back into its original form.
  4. Rearrange the poles carefully and return the canopy inside the bag.

Why go through this much hassle when you can simply order beautiful canopies from us? Better still, hire canopies and awning rentals in the UK for a superb outdoor experience.

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