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Deciding On A Resume Writing Service? Keep These 5 Things In Mind


You have all the skills, experience, and certifications needed for the role. However, none of this matters if your resume isn’t up to par. When employers consider applicants for the first round of interviews, they immediately glimpse the resume for a few key things. Did you make a difference at your current or previous company? Do you have all of the necessary skills? If you know you did all of this and more, it needs to be clear on the resume. Nowadays, companies get faced with many applicants, sometimes even hundreds. And it’s up to you to stand out from the crowd. No matter how many years of experience you have, the interview won’t happen without a strong resume.

We all know the resume is critical, but not all of us know how to write a slam dunk resume. This is where a resume writing service can help. However, when picking among various resume writing services online, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for. See below to learn the top five things to consider:

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  1. Samples and Customer Testimonials

Looking around for a resume writing service is very similar to shopping for an item you want. You have to compare it to other services and determine that this is the right one for you. One way to get some insight is to check out some of the previous samples. When you do this, really read through the resume. Look at it with your skillsets and experience in mind. You want to feel secure knowing that this service can also help you show off your qualifications. Also, check out the Google reviews. Are people saying good things or did they have a poor experience? Taking all of this into consideration will let you know if you have found the right resume writing service.

2. Experience and Certifications

In a Google search looking for resume writing services, you likely come across thousands, if not millions, of companies. However, not every company will have the experience and certifications necessary to write quality resumes. Before you decide on a service, browse their website for their qualifications. Check to see if they have ample experience in writing and hold certifications. While everyone knows how to write a resume, to an extent, not everyone is an expert. If you are seeking out expert help, it’s best to make sure they have expertise.

3. A Personal Touch

Before you pick what resume service you want to re-do your resume, you want to inquire about the process. By doing this, you establish an open line of communication and can ask all of the critical questions. When you ask these questions, you want to look for one specific detail. This detail is whether the person who re-dos your resume will do it with a personal touch or will throw on cookie-cutter language. The traditional process is that you will get interviewed so the resume writer can learn more about your background and professional goals. Without this interview, there’s no way for them to form an in-depth, expert-level resume for you. If this service is to go by your current resume, you can’t expect anything much better than what you currently have.

4. Evaluate the Website

A resume writing service benefits you because the writers are highly skilled, creative, and know-how to spruce up your accomplishments. But, you want to make sure these acclaimed skills are legitimate. As mentioned above, one way to do this is to review samples and read the reviews of other clients. But, some companies do not have reviews and have limited resume samples. If you find yourself in that situation, it’s worthwhile to evaluate the website. The website should have little to no grammatical errors and look well-written. If the website does not look professional, your resume likely won’t either.

5. Endorsements

Not every business or resume writing service has these, but many do. Doing some research can quickly let you know if the company you are considering has gotten endorsed. Preferably, you want the company to of gotten endorsed by an unbiased third party. One example of this is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Many businesses are evaluated by the BBB and get a rating based on how reliable they are. It’s a good sign if the resume writing service you are looking at choosing has an A+ rating. Not only does this mean they are dependable, but it also demonstrates that they have a solid reputation.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, unemployed, employed but open to opportunities, or pursuing a second opportunity, a resume writing service can benefit you. With a professional resume writer writing your resume, you can apply to jobs feeling confident that you are putting your best foot forward. Not only will your brand new resume shine a light on your many skills and accomplishments, but it will get tailored to your professional goals.