Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsHeart-stopping video shows car ploughing into moving 125mph train

Heart-stopping video shows car ploughing into moving 125mph train

A SHOCKING video has emerged showing a car ploughing into the side of a moving train that is hurtling along the tracks at 125mph.

The jaw dropping footage was recorded at Rossington level crossing in Doncaster, South Yorkshire just after 8PM on Sunday where incredibly no one was killed

It is believed that the vehicle was stolen and locals have alleged that a male driver fled the scene following the collision.

The clip shows a white and red LNER Azuma train, which travelled from Edinburgh Waverley, hurtling at high speeds across the crossing which has its barriers down. 

A black out-of-control car then comes into shot from the left hand side of the screen and crashes through a metal safety fence and right into the side of the train. 

A cloud of brown dust bursts into the sky as the end of the train passes the crossing.

As the smoke clears at the end of the video the aftermath and carnage can be seen. 

The metal fence and a large metal pole completely collapsed whilst the bonnet of the car is shown to be severely damaged. 

Before the clip ends the car can be seen left on the side of the railway track.

The after math of the car colliding with the train | Transport News UK
The Azuma Japanese train model can reach speeds of up to 125mph.

The video has been shared across social media on Monday and has attracted hundreds of shares and comments from viewers who gave a mixed response.

@samuriinbred wrote: “Perhaps the driver didn’t see the train. 

“They need more high vis.”

@BW400CN commented :”Strange footage. 

“The car had clearly strayed several metres away from the road before the collision.”

@Thatguy2000y replied: “I just wanna know who gave that person the license?”

The smashed window of the train | Transport News UK
The driver, who is believed to be a man, allegedly fled the scene after the collision.                           (C)@Jambonito Twitter

And @The_Lads_Aqua added: “How the f*** does this happen?”

Azuma trains use Japanese bullet train technology and were built by Hitachi’s UK manufacturing team in County Durham.

They travel between London, Leeds, York, Newcastle, and Edinburgh and have been designed to connect destinations in a faster and more eco-friendly way.

Speaking today a spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said: “We received a report around 8pm on Sunday, 13 June that a vehicle had been in a collision with a train at Rossington, Doncaster.

“A Range Rover which is believed to have been stolen, left the road from West End Lane, Rossington and crashed through the security fencing at Rossington railway crossing, colliding with a train which was passing by.

“The driver of the Range Rover left the vehicle and fled the scene. The train continued on the tracks, stopping a short time later. There were no injuries reported from the train, although it suffered extensive damage and delays on the line.  

“Enquiries are ongoing to locate the driver of the vehicle, anybody with information should contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 1015 of 13 June.”

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