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Hilarious clip shows footie fan tricked into thinking Scotland had scored by prankster pals

A HILARIOUS video captured the moment a Scots footie fan was tricked into thinking Scotland had scored a goal by his prankster friends.

Connor Brown was in the middle of preparing half time pies for his friends during the Scotland versus Czech Republic game on Monday when he was pranked.

The group decided to erupt with cheers to make Connor, from Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, believe that his nation had scored during their first EURO 2020 match. 

As the friends begin to loudly celebrate the made up goal, the ecstatic 21-year-old was filmed running through from the kitchen to celebrate.

Connor is shown beaming with pride with his fists in the air with excitement.

But he soon realises that his friends are on the wind up when they burst out laughing at the graduate’s expense.

The clip then ends as Connor is shown returning back to the kitchen to tend to his pies.

Connor posted the hilarious video to Twitter on Monday writing: “Stitched up an absolute belter.”

Connor Brown celebrates the fake Scotland goal | Scottish Football News
Connor’s pals made him believe that Scotland had scored by cheering and shouting loudly.

The clip was captioned: “Poor guy was only trying to preheat the oven for the half time pies.”

The post has now collected over 24,000 likes, more than 1,800 retweets and hundreds of comments from amused Twitter users.

@caskieboy16 wrote: “Class, at least you got a few seconds of euphoria.”

@machutuck said: “The only person to know what it’ll feel like for Scotland to score in the Euros, even if it did last for a few seconds.”

@louisbrowneIOW commented: “Haha. The way he runs around the corner. He’s so happy.”

@ripBIGjack replied: “He took it well to be fair, I’d have been raging.”

Connor Brown looked gutted after the prank | Scottish Football News
Connor looked gutted when he realised his pals were on the wind up.

@cmlberry added: “Haha poor b******.”

Speaking today Connor said: “We were just watching the Scotland game.

“I went to preheat the oven and get the pies out for half time and my pals pretended that we scored.

“I was a bit raging when I saw we hadn’t scored but it was very funny.

“It would have been alright if we did go on to actually score.” 

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