Heart-stopping clip shows impatient motorist just inches away from head-on collision


A HEART-STOPPING video shows the moment an impatient driver overtakes three vehicles at once and comes just inches away from a head-on collision. 

Tom Shaw-Williams recorded the shocking footage last month as he travelled along the A635 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire to his home in Essex.

The dash cam footage shows a black Audi A3 zooming past a car, van and lorry to overtake while Tom and other motorists are fast approaching in the opposite lane.

The reckless driver manages to quickly swerve back over into the correct lane just as he is inches away from crashing straight into Tom’s car.

Tom can be heard swearing as he slams on the brakes of his red Renault that was travelling at 40mph towards the Audi.

Tom, 32, posted the video to Facebook on Tuesday writing: “Close call.”

The post now has dozens of likes and comments from Facebook users who were shocked by the heart stopping footage.

One user said: “Worst part is knowing these dash cams actually make things seem further away than it is.

“This video doesn’t look like it could have been any closer.

“Driver needs to be locked up.”

Whilst another said: “Blimey! Good reactions bud.”

One said: “Why is it always a f****** Audi?

“Do Audi cars attract a******* or do decent people become a****** behind the wheel of an Audi?”

The Audi A3 nearly caused a head on collision - Traffic News UK
The Audi A3 approaching the other vehicle. (c) Tom Shaw-Williams

Another member added: “What an absolute moron! Good job you were on the ball.”

Speaking today, Tom said: “I live in Essex so it was a fair way away from home.

“I was on my own, I had only gone there to pick something up for my car. 

“At first I thought there was no way he was gonna make it and we would collide, so I was more shocked than anything.

“I have a two-year-old as well but thankfully she wasn’t in the car with me.

“My car is my pride and joy, literally my only hobby.

“I was just so thankful that I wasn’t going any faster and I wasn’t a second later driving on the road because if I was it would have been a completely different scenario.”