Online marketplace exclusively for British goods has launched


AN ONLINE marketplace for exclusively British-made goods, has launched to connect companies with consumers who value buying local.

All Britannia, connects UK businesses who create their products using British materials with consumers who value buying local.

The idea for the marketplace came about during the first lockdown in 2020, when founder Ryan Idrissi decided he wanted to support the UK supply chain by buying British when he needed a coffee filter. 

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Photo by Roberto Catarinicchia on Unsplash. The site holds all of its businesses to high standards when it comes to supporting British supply chains.

After failing to find a coffee filter on Amazon which was not made in China, and then struggling to find a website selling British-only products, the concept of All Britannia was born, to give consumers a one-stop shop to buy UK goods. 

All products must be 100% British-made wherever feasible, accounting for the fact that not every element will be available in the UK.

The site will stock everything from food and drink, to clothing, skincare and beauty products right through to homeware, books and arts and crafts.

Shopping on All Britannia also helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint, as it reduces the distance that products need to be transported.

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Photo by Josh Couch on Unsplash. It means consumers can shop with confidence, knowing everything was created through the British supply chain.

A spokesman from British green cleaning products company Delphis Eco, commented: “As a British company with our products made locally, All Britannia is the perfect marketplace to promote our Made in Britain professional cleaning range. 

“With Delphis Eco as the green alternative to household cleaning products, our entire ethos is centred around the environment.

“By shopping locally with All Britannia, consumers can decrease their carbon footprint by reducing the supply chain and the distance that goods are transported.

“All Britannia is a great British and green solution to shopping.” 

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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash. British green cleaning products company Delphis Eco is one company already signed up to All Britannia.

Companies already using Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce, or one of the other major platforms, will be able to present their products on All Britannia with just five minutes’ effort.

Ryan Idrissi, founder of All Britannia, added: “At the start of last year’s lockdown, when the UK seemingly ran out of toilet paper, it became all-too clear how reliant we are on imports and international supply chains. 

“At the same time, British consumers were driven to support British stores and businesses — but they faced a huge challenge in trying to find a place where you could simply stock your basket full of UK products and purchase.

“All Britannia is changing all that, by creating a single one-stop-shop for consumers who want to support the British supply chain. 

“As an extra benefit, buying British considerably cuts buyers’ carbon footprints, making it a greener alternative to buying goods created elsewhere in the world.”