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Beauty Salon Injury: How to Claim Compensation

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The first place you would want to visit if you wish to improve your looks and gain high self-esteem is the salon. Whether you want to have a new haircut or hair colour, the last thing you would want to see is the look that will give you the confidence you need.  However, accidents happen every day, and it’s something inevitable. Instead of having beautiful hair, your hairdresser could unintentionally burn your scalp or cut your ear.

An injury from a beauty salon has a great impact on your personality. The situation may cause you to lose your self-confidence and wouldn’t want to interact with other people. You may start to think, can I sue my hairdresser?, and the answer is yes. You can sue your hairdresser for the injury they caused you, and here is a simple guide on how to claim compensation.

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Identify what type of injury you qualify for claims

Determining the type of injury that you qualify for is the first step you need to do when claiming salon injury compensation. Here are some of the types of salon injuries that may be the reason why you want to sue your hairdresser.

  • Burnt scalp caused by harsh chemicals. Having a hair treatment is one of the main reasons why we go to salons. Hairdressers should conduct a skin patch test to know if the solution they will apply to your hair is suitable for your skin type and won’t cause irritations or allergic reactions.
  • Infections and cuts. Even though hairdressers are well-trained, that doesn’t mean they won’t make a mistake. When they are out of focus, they may cause cuts and bleed on your ear, neck, or face. Cuts may cause you infection and may even leave a scar.
  • Hair loss due to over-processed solution. When hair solutions are left on the hair longer than the appropriate time, injuries may happen. This may cause burns and hair loss. The hairdresser is responsible for ensuring that any hair treatment solution they will apply to your hair is not over-processed to avoid complications.

Seek medical assistance

Once you encounter any of these salon injuries, make sure that you seek medical attention immediately. Let the doctor treat you, and do not forget to get a medical certificate stating the injury that your treatment caused you. The medical report from your doctor will serve as strong evidence for your case.

Ask legal advice

As soon as you get your medical certificate and proved that you had an injury from your hairdresser, seek help from a legal professional. Look for a trustworthy professional who specialises in handling beauty salon negligence cases.

Claiming compensation for a salon injury is a complex process. But, with the help of the right people, your chance of claiming personal injury compensation is high. Make sure that you follow this simple guide, so you will not lose track. While the process is ongoing, get yourself treated quickly and be careful when it comes to choosing your next hairdresser.


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