Dopey driver caught with large two seater sofa perched on top of roof


SHOCKING images show how a reckless driver fastened a large two seater leather sofa to their car roof – secured only by a strip of plastic wrapping. 

The motorist was pulled over by police on St James Mill Road in Northampton on Wednesday for the dangerous move.

Bewildered cops captured images of the black leather sofa placed upside down on top of the orange Nissan Qashqai roof.

The red Nissan with a sofa tied to the roof | Traffic News UK
The driver was issued a prohibition notice and reported for dangerous driving.                                     (C) @Northants_RPU

The sofa was secured to the vehicle using nothing but a thin strip of plastic wrapping which was fastened through the front windows. 

The sofa looks like it could fall off the vehicle at any time.

Northamptonshire Police issued the driver with a prohibition notice and reported them for dangerous driving.

@Northants_RPU posted the images to Twitter yesterday writing: “Another interesting stop. 

“The load isn’t very secure.”

The post has now collected hundreds of likes, dozens of retweets and comments from Twitter users who were shocked by the recklessness. 

The red Nissan with a sofa tied to the roof | Traffic News UK
The sofa was fastened to the roof using nothing but a plastic wrapper.                                               (C) @Northants_RPU

@eddah_g said: “Like seriously! Not even using a rope.

“It’s like it’s painful for people when they try to use their brain.”

@Wendyindawoods wrote: “I can’t even believe they thought ‘yep, looks good!’”

@cobblers_girly observed: “How were they planning on getting in the car?”

@SOWEN76 joked: “It’s just in case the car wanted to have a little sit-down on the journey home.”

Speaking today a spokesperson from Northamptonshire Police said: “Northants Safer Roads Team, Trading Standards, both Councils (North and West), the DVSA and HMRC road fuel all came together as part of this multi-agency operation to target rogue traders. 

“This was part of a regional Trading Standards Operation which saw the teams deployed to Corby and Northampton over the last 2 days.
“Over 80 vehicles were pulled into the check sites, with six vehicles being seized for either no insurance or being driven without a driving licence. 
“16 drivers were reported for other offences, including illegal tyres, no MOTs, Dangerous Loads (including this sofa) and not wearing seatbelts.”