Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Scots community filmed having street rave after annual event cancelled

AN AMAZING video shows a Scottish community having a street rave after one of their annual events was cancelled.

The residents of Avon Drive in Linlithgow, West Lothian were captured taking to the streets to party on Tuesday after the Linlithgow Marches were cancelled.

This is the second year the popular event has been cancelled, prompting residents to take matters into their own hands to party on down.

Residents organised their own street party and were filmed fulfilling their community boogie needs. 

The video shows an array of street partygoers dancing away in the middle of the road as loud music blares through the streets.

Dozens of residents can be seen dancing to the beat, spinning each other by the arms and throwing their hands up in the air.

Men, women and children were filmed holding hands as they embraced the community reconnecting after months of lockdown. 

Local David Cowan captured the video and posted it onto Facebook on Tuesday writing: “An incomer of 27 years but you just have to love the community of Lithgae Brig. 

“Marches cancelled, so make your own entertainment. 

The street party ravers | Scottish News
The party goers replaced their cancelled march with a street rave.

“Hats off to everyone concerned! 

“Totally love it!”

The post has now collected over 400 likes and 80 comments from Facebook users who loved the community spirit.

One member wrote: “Yes Avon Drive did well and it was brilliant to hear.”

Whilst another said: “We heard the music too. 

“A great way to celebrate this year.”

One user commented: “So good to see the community having a great time!”

Another added: “What great community spirit, so good to watch this and see everyone enjoying themselves, happy Marches.”

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