Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsCommunityVeteran Dad shares words of wisdom ahead of Father’s Day

Veteran Dad shares words of wisdom ahead of Father’s Day

Resident’s at a care home have been sharing their favourite memories and most important piece of advice in advance of Father’s Day.

89-year-old Matthew Dunnigan, who resides at Cramond Residence in Edinburgh, has shared the advice he would like to pass to future generations of fathers is to treasure all of the time you have with your children and show them as much warmth, care and love as possible.

Matthew also shared one of the biggest perks of fatherhood is being able to socialise with his two children as they got older, adding: “When they were young, I was always Dad but when they grew up, I became a friend too, and that was very special”

Cramond Residence, where Matthew is currently a resident, will be putting on a dedicated Father’s Day spread, with tea, cakes and sandwiches, to help residents celebrate the special day in style, despite restrictions.

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