Saturday, July 2, 2022
NewsVideo shows Tartan Army full of life doing the conga in Leicester...

Video shows Tartan Army full of life doing the conga in Leicester Square

THE TARTAN ARMY were filmed in high spirits yesterday as they danced around a fountain at Leicester Square.

A video shows more than 100 fans coming together to do the conga around the fountain whilst adding goalie David Marshall’s name to “Saturday Night” by Whigfield. 

The fountain was filled with bubbles by revelling Scots, who are seen jumping into the water. 

Footie fans filled the area with Saltires, Lion Rampant flags and Scotland shirts as they were filmed cheering and enjoying themselves yesterday.

The clip shows fans swigging alcohol and wearing kilts as they enthusiastically joined in the popular dance routine.

The clip was posted on Facebook yesterday captioned “The scenes in Leicester Square.”

It has since attracted hundreds of likes and comments from footie fans.

One social media user wrote: “Clearly having a lot of fun.”

Another said: “Scottish awesomeness…Mon the lads.”

And this morning, one footie fan wrote: “Leicester square is the place. Brilliant last night.”

The Tartan Army doing the conga through London - Sports News UK
The Tartan Army doing the conga through London.

The Tartan Army travelled to London in their thousands yesterday ahead of their Euro 2020 clash with England. 
Amazing videos captured ecstatic fans on the train journey from Scotland to London.

One clip showed fans jumping up and down in a carriage singing Yes Sir, I can Boogie as they travelled down south for today’s highly anticipated game.

Fans were also captured partying throughout the night in Leicester Square and Hyde Park.

As many as 30,000 Scots are estimated to be travelling to London this weekend, despite less than 3000 away tickets being sold. 

Videos emerged from the Scotland team hotel of the players doing the conga round a table singing Marshall’s name to the same song after their penalty shootout victory over Serbia to qualify for the Euros.

It has become an unofficial Scotland anthem in the months since.

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