Scots take on preacher who called LGBTQ+ community “sick in the mind”


A SHOCKING video shows a group of Scots taking on a preacher who called the LGBTQ+ community “sick in the mind”.

The footage, captured earlier this month on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, shows a crowd challenging the man for his controversial views.

The group manages to drown out the sound of the preacher who was shouting “It’s a sin” towards members of the public supporting Pride month.

One woman was filmed challenging the preacher’s views before hundreds of others stepped in.

The preacher can be seen standing on a bench with a bible in his hand, a head mic on, and shouting: “You are sick in your mind. You are all sick” to a crowd waving LGBTQ+ flags.

He continues: “All wrongdoing is sin, lying is sin, stealing is sin, getting drunk is sin.”

The crowd then begins to angrily chanting: “Go home, go home, go home.”

A member of the crowd then sticks a Pride flag in his back pocket before the crowd is heard shouting: “Get to f***.”

A woman then sticks her middle finger right in the American man’s face and aggressively shouts “F*** off.”

Scots TikTok user @itschrisdoc captured the footage and posted it onto social media on Friday.

Scots crowd take on preacher - Scottish News
A cheeky Scot slips a Pride flag into the preacher’s pocket. (c) Chris Doc

He captioned the clip: “Preacher vs Glasgow. Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.”

Speaking today Chris said: “There was a loud commotion as I was walking down the street, as one girl was challenging the preacher’s views and a crowd started to gather around them.

“Then as a bunch of people with Pride flags started to stand and watch, the preacher started targeting them, telling them they were sinners and sick in the mind.

“No one took kindly to this, and they started to defend themselves as a bigger crowd grew.

“At this point even workers were coming out of the stores to watch.

“The police were called but obviously they stood back and observed, letting both sides have their free speech and just making sure it didn’t escalate.

“It went on for around 45 mins to an hour with the preacher eventually backing down.”

He added: “What’s not on the video is that after that, the preacher’s sidekick took the head mic from him, put it on himself and started to rant even more.

“At this point the police stopped him from doing it so as to not cause even more of a commotion.”

The clip has been viewed more than 20,000 times and gained over 3,000 likes from viewers.

Scots crowd take on preacher - Scottish News
Someone slips a Pride flag into the preacher’s pocket. (c) Chris Doc

Hundreds of social media users also took to the post to comment.

@Glasgowprince said: “Scotland doesn’t put up with that p***. Well done troops.”

@0ceann0mad said: “He’s definitely asking for it.”

While @DrewFx added: “Never change Glasgow, never change.”

Some users accused the group of “bullying” and being overly aggressive.

@DragonFire_14 said: “So we all like free speech as long as everyone agrees with us?

“You don’t have to listen to him but you don’t have to abuse him either. Poor show.”

@Bla said: “I don’t agree with him but what is the point in just bullying?”