Breathe easy week starts today and workers health is being stressed


TODAY marks the beginning of the Breathe Easy Week and the Health and Safety Executive are placing an emphasis on protecting workers.

It is estimated that each year 12,000 people die from lung diseases related to exposure in the workplace.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is exposing work-related lung diseases to make sure employers whose workers are at risk of breathing in dangerous dusts, fumes and gases in the workplace have protective measures in place to prevent lung disease.

The HSE are urging employers to protect workers - UK news
Photo by Arron Choi on Unsplash
The HSE are urging employers to protect workers.

HSE have pointed out that employers have a legal responsibility to protect workers from such diseases.

To do so, it is important for employers in higher risk sectors to assess risks, plan their work and have effective controls to protect the respiratory health of workers.

The HSE have a rage of guidance and resources available for those in high risk workplaces, including construction, welding, stonework, cement and concrete manufacture, woodwork, baking and milling and quarry work.