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Heartbreaking images show dog devastated by Scotland’s exit from EURO 2020

HEARTBREAKING images show a dog’s devastated reaction at Scotland crashing out of EURO 2020. 

As Tasmin Scott watched Scotland concede their third goal in their decisive final group match against Croatia last night, her beloved dog Bella “slumped in a huff”.

Tasmin, 38, said that after watching the first half intensely, Bella became so gutted after Croatia’s third goal that the pooch couldn’t even watch the rest of the game

Bella the dog in a huff | Scottish News
Bella threw a strop around 30 seconds after Croatia’s third goal and couldn’t even bare to watch the rest of the game.      (C) Tasmin Scott 

Poor Bella hasn’t taken the loss well with Tasmin, from Edinburgh, confirming that she is “still feeling the heartache today”.

One image shows the four-year-old French Bulldog sitting on the floor watching eagerly as Scotland cling on to their hopes at 2-1 down.

Tasmin’s beloved pet was captured looking intensely at the large television screen which is embedded high on the wall. 

The next image shows Bella slumped to the ground laying face first on the floor as Ivan Periši? celebrates scoring Croatia’s third goal.

Her head looks like she face-planted directly towards the grey tiled floor while her front right leg is flat out behind her. 

Another image shows Bella this morning looking slightly desolate but still representing her nation with pride, wearing a blue Scotland football shirt. 

Bella the dog upset in her Scotland top | Scottish News
Bella was still upset the morning after Scotland were knocked out of the EURO’s.                                      (C) Tasmin Scott 

Tamsin posted the heartbreaking images to Facebook last night, writing: “Even the dugs devastated.”

The post has now been shared around social media, collecting over 21,000 likes, with hundreds of comments from users who were mixed in their replies.

Sean Munro Townsley wrote: “Never felt more sorry for a dog in my life!

“Feel your pain big man.”

Colin Scully said: “It’s a Frenchie and France are still in it. Drama queen.”

Owen O’Donnell added: “One bottle of dug too many.”

@LLCoolJam joked: “Cheers, dugs crying now.”

Speaking today Tasmin said: “She looked intensely into the game, watching Scotland’s every move until Croatia scored their third goal. 

“It was then Bella then took the hump and face planked the floor.

“About 30 seconds after the third goal she slumped in the huff. 

“She looked gutted and didn’t watch the rest of the game.

“We were in stitches at her mood change for a dog… As like us we were devastated at being out of the Euros. 

“She is a French bulldog, but we laugh as she is actually Hungarian so we’re not sure who her football coupon would be on, Scotland, France or Hungary.”

“She is still feeling the heartache today.”

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