Family-run jewellers unveiled its vision for the future


A FAMILY run jewellers have unveiled its vision for the future, with ambitious new plans to strengthen its presence across the United Kingdom.

After celebrating 180 years of trading in 2020, Laings is now looking ahead to build on its legacy as a leading destination for luxury jewellery and watches with extensive expansion plans set to be unveiled, aimed at enhancing the client experience across its key locations.

Through six generations of family ownership, Laings has grown to become an independent luxury jeweller, with six showrooms across four locations, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton, and Cardiff.

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Photo by Carlos Esteves on Unsplash. Laings offers a selection of jewellery and watches from brands, including Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Now, expanding its retail strategy while staying true to the heritage of the business, the jewellers has announced it will be investing £10 million into the company over the next two years.

The investment will see Laings transform its showrooms and workshops, reimagining the customer experience while ensuring traditional jewellers’ crafts are kept alive for generations to come.

Stuart McDowell, Retail Director at Laings, says: “The expansion in Cardiff is in response to our client’s enquiries – catering to the watch collectors of Wales who might not have Laings at the forefront of their minds now, but hopefully they soon will.

“The showroom is right in the heart of the capital city and our expanded presence means we can give the brands we represent the stage to shine.

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Photo by Cornelia Ng on Unsplash. Work is already underway to treble the size of Laings’ St David’s Centre Cardiff showroom.

“No longer will Cardiff clients need to travel outside their home city to access these brands, they can enjoy having them on their doorstep – with Laings.”

Laings is also revolutionising the way its Welsh customers experience diamonds and jewellery with the introduction of private viewings.

The expanded showroom is set to include dedicated diamond and jewellery areas so that clients can view the carefully curated collections in private, with a glass of champagne served by Laings’ refreshments partner Lanson.

jewellery - Business News Scotland
Photo by Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong on Unsplash. Laings’ workshops in Scotland will also see significant investment.

For the first time in the company’s history, clients will be invited to join the watchmakers and goldsmiths behind the benches to see their skills in action when completing services, drawing back the curtain on the artisan crafts, and allowing the team to take centre stage.

Upon opening, the workshops will play host to client immersion sessions, events and meet the makers demonstrations to showcase expertise, allowing clients to see the intricacies of every service first-hand.

Laings CEO, Joe Walsh, says: “The workshops create a special experience for our customers.

“Not only will they be able to talk to the watchmakers and see them working, they’ll also be able to attend events where they can gain a deeper insight into the craft – taking watches apart, seeing how the mechanics work and putting them back together.

“People are looking for experiences now and that’s what we want – to deliver a new form of retail that captures the imagination of our clients.”