Shocking video shows yob trying to attack bouncers with “machete”


A SHOCKING video has captured a yob trying to attack a group of bouncers with a machete.

The chilling footage shows the aggravated male holding a bladed knife as he tried to fight with bouncers outside the Marino Lounge in New Brighton, Merseyside, on Friday.

The group of shocked onlookers gathered outside the bar and watched as the terrifying incident unfolded.

Around four bouncers were filmed holding signs and tables in front of their bodies in a bid to protect themselves from the out-of-control male.

Another member of the public in a white shirt appears to be in the midst of the confrontation and is shown throwing a white metal chair towards the attacker.

The man holding the machete then jumps over a flower bed separating the two and attempts to lash the man with his weapon.

This then prompts the male to use a table to protect himself before security staff rush to the scene.

The attacker jumps a flower bed with his machete | Crime News UK
The man yielding the machete has now pleaded guilty to three charges.

The bouncers, who are each holding a sign, table or pole, attempt to try and scare the individual away, with one man even throwing a wooden menu board towards him. 

Bystanders can be heard screaming in fear during the incident.

Shocked onlooker Sam Bowie posted the footage to Facebook later that evening, writing: “This was outside Marino Lounge/ Marine Street Social an hour ago!
“What the actual f***.
“He could have killed someone. Absolutely disgusting.
“Gives a statement to the police because this lad had done a runner.

The clip has since has over 26,000 views and hundreds of comments from shocked social media users.

Lynn Ballard said: “I’ve watched this a few times in total disbelief.

“To have to grab hold of a table to defend yourself is beyond words.”

Bouncers confront the man with the machete | Crime News UK
Bouncers attempted to confront the attacker by using signs and tabled to defend themselves.

Jackie Cootes wrote: “This is totally appalling behaviour, he needs to be caught and put away.

“What an idiot…

“Those poor staff and innocent people who just want to go for a night out.”

Sue Tiggs Wilkinson commented: “Omg! That d*** needs finding ASAP.

“What an absolute tool!”

Gemma Carney replied: “Omg this is shocking…So scary.”

Speaking today a spokesperson from Merseyside Police said: “We have charged a 23-year-old man following an incident in New Brighton on Friday 18 June. 

“At around 10.30pm officers were called to Marine Street Social following reports of an altercation between a man and security staff, where the man produced a knife. 

“Patrols attended, located and arrested the man. 

“Following his arrest, Ellis Price, 23, of Church Road, Tranmere, was charged with affray, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a controlled drug and Section 4A public order.

“Price was remanded in custody and appeared in court on Monday.”

Speaking today a spokeswoman from the Wirral Magistrates Court confirmed that Price had pleaded guilty to three charges.

The charges include affray, possession of an offensive weapon (confirmed to be a machete) and Section 4A public order (using threatening language).

Price has been committed to the Crown Court for sentence in custody.