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Frites – Bringing a fresh Belgian take to the capital

NEWLY opened in march last year, Belgian takeaway Frites is taking Edinburgh by storm with its fresh take on chips.

Located on Lothian Road, the eatery has attracted large queues due to lots of customers posting their meals on social media.

Various viral Tik toks have also helped Frites get customers in to try their hand cut Belgian fries.

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Prices for food range from £2.25 for a small portion to £5.75 for a large with the loaded fries being more expensive (Photo from Deadline News)

From fully loaded dirty fries, to freshly prepared smoothies and milshakes, to just a regular fries with some ketchup, this takeaway has all sorts of well priced options including plenty of vegetarian ones.

I went in to see why so many people in the capital were trying these freshly prepared delights.

I had a build your own loaded fries, with Piri chicken, Buffalo and curry sauce, cheese topped with some garden peas.

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Portion of Frites Loaded fries(Photo from Deadline News)

One thing i noticed when ordering and looking at the people around me was that the portion sizes were really good value for money.

Prices for food range from £2.25 for a small portion to £5.75 for a large with the loaded fries being more expensive.

The large portion would almost be too much for just one person so would be ideal to share between two people.

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Marin Georgiev, Founder of Frites (Photo from Deadline News)

A main plus point with Frites is that the food is so fresh and you could definitely taste that when eating the food.

The food does not just sit under a hot light like some other chip shops the turnover or fresh hand cooked fries makes it very appealing.

As a takeaway that just sells chips, Frites did not disappoint with their extensive range of extras and options you could get.

(Photo from Deadline News)

Popular items on their menu included the Yummy Curry loaded fries with slow pulled cooked chicken, and the amazing looking Italian garden loaded fries which included pesto and parmesan.

Marin Georgiev, founder of Frites said: ” There has been an incredible response since we opended at the start of the pandemic last year, with loads of people tagging us on Tik Tok and Instagram.

“We source from a few local farms our main one being in Fife, which gives us the best produce that we can use fresh on the day.

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(Photo from Deadline News)

“We have many vegan and vegetarian options here which people seem to like, although we only serve Chips, milkshakes and smoothies it is all very good quality.

” I am actively looking with a few agency’s at the moment to open another store i just need to find the right spot for it.”






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