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How to Plan a Wedding in Just 3 Months


According to an article published in Time magazine, a new study suggests that 28 is the ideal age to get married.  Of course, nothing is more stressful than planning a wedding, from the guest list to the catering, everything seems difficult. But, if you plan a destination wedding amidst the scenic backdrop that only Bedfordshire offers, you can bid adieu to some of the most stressful aspects of organising a wedding. This is because Bedfordshire is home to the London Luton Airport, surrounding which are hotels with some of the best wedding halls & conference venues in Luton. In fact, a spokesperson for Holiday Inn, Luton South, stated that with everything being taken care of by the skilled and professional hotel staff, choosing to host your wedding at one of the hotels near Luton Airport, with parking, can actually make the whole experience memorable for the right reasons.

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

Plan Your Wedding in Just 3 Months

 Initially you have to perform two duties before the actual ceremony:

  1. Give notice to your local registrar’s office
  2. Ensure that a civil or religious ceremony is held after 28 days of notification.

 Now you are all set to plan the wedding itself. With destination weddings becoming quite the rage, the first thing to do is to choose a scenic venue. Hotels near London Luton Airport will not just give you a great option of venue but also make travel easy for all your guests.

Month One

  1.  Send Out Invitations – With changing times, you might want to go green and send out e-invitations. This will not only reach your guests almost instantly, it is a great money saver too.
  2. Select the Dress – Most women have always dreamt of the type of wedding dress they want to wear for their special day. So, go all out to make your dream come true.
  3. Booking the Venue – Hotels in Luton off amazing options for wedding halls & conference venues, along with services for decoration, catering and anything else you might require to make the event memorable for everyone present. So, go ahead a choose a venue that takes the burden off your shoulders and leaves you free to enjoy your last few, “single” days.

Month Two

  1.  Order the Cake – You could spend a month researching on the best cake for your wedding. But, you actually know what you want, so don’t hesitate to voice your desires. Don’t forget to total up the guests before placing the final order.

Month Three

  1.  Decorations for the Reception – The decorations for the reception should be taken care of by the hotel, although you do have a say on what you want, whether it is a theme, particular flowers or anything else you desire.
  2. Book Your Honeymoon – This is possibly the most fun thing you will be doing prior to the wedding. Don’t forget to get a consensus on the destination and check online for the best deals on travel and hotel bookings. You never know, you might like Bedforshire so much that you spend your honeymoon in one of the hotels near London Luton Airport!

 Getting married is a big life event. Make sure you enjoy it and create lifelong memories, leaving all the stressful chores to the hotel staff.