Student posts ad showing mate laying on the ground in bid to sell goalposts


A STUDENT has posted a bizarre advert online featuring his friend laying on the concrete ground in a bid to sell a football goal post.

Owen Hopkins, 21, was snapped on the Facebook Marketplace advert laying face down in an alley so he could show the width of the goal post.

The 5 foot 10 inch tall Welsh student was trying to show buyers the scale of the footie posts- which he believes to be eight foot wide.

Josh Wall goalposts marketplace post- football news UK
The bizarre photo was posted as part of an ad on Facebook Marketplace.

Owen’s friend Josh Wall, 21, took the photograph in Cardiff in a bid to make £20 from the sale.

The strange selling technique shows Owen laying flat on the ground with his arms pointing towards his feet and his face slightly raised from the ground.

The advert was screenshotted and shared across Twitter on Thursday where it was liked more than 1,600 times

The advert read: “Football goal for sale needs to be gone ASAP.

“£20 as paid £30 for it but moving out and it doesn’t have a new home.

Owen Hopkins lying in goalposts- football news UK
Owen lay across the goalposts to give prospective buyers an idea of the width.                                                (C) Josh Wall

“The net is ripped in places however it comes with zip ties to keep the net together.

“Perfect for a garden or alley.”

Dozens of social media users have commented on the post.

@JSomers90 wrote: “Nice to see that continued investment has finally brought Wales into the 20th century.”

@adi_mera_naam said: “Human for scale.”

And @GavinThorpe5 added: “Reminds me of the scene with Frodo and Shelob.”

Josh Wall and Owen Hopkins - football news UK
Josh and Owen were both students in Cardiff.                                                                                               (C) Josh Wall

Speaking today, Josh, who posted the ad, said: “Between the five of us we bought the goal a few months ago as we had an alley out the back of our house we could put it up out there.

“And as we’re final year students we had to sell it before we move out.

“We were estimating how tall and wide we thought it was, and so we guessed it was about eight feet wide.

“Then Owen decided to lie down as a joke to show how wide it was!

“We’ve had quite a few messages saying it was funny.

“When we sold it it was to other students and they asked Owen if he was coming with them after we gave them the goal.

“They thought he was part of the sale!”