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Everything you need to start diving


Diving is becoming a very popular sport in the summer season. The sea hides so many wonders that it is not surprising. Swimming with the fish and discovering the bottom of the sea is something that everyone should do sometime in life.

But if you are not an experienced diver, you should always practice diving under the supervision of a professional, as we do in Lanzarote Diving Center, and with the complete diving kit. Do you know what you need to dive in the ocean? We will tell you.

Photo by Aviv Perets on Unsplash

What is scuba diving?

Before you make your shopping list to know what you need to practice this sport, we are going to briefly explain what diving is. You probably already know it, but it’s a good idea to refresh your memory, let’s get to it!

Scuba diving is the perfect sport for those who want to explore the wonders hidden in the depths of the sea and oceans.

There are only two types of diving: recreational diving, which is the one that people usually practice once in their lives, and professional diving, which is the one referred to those who make a living with it, such as monitors, aquarium maintenance, underwater photographers, biologists, etc.

It should be noted that diving is not a non-risky activity. It is an extreme underwater sport and the safety of each person depends on their knowledge. Hence, the importance of always practicing it with a professional if you are a first-timer. But it does not only depend on the knowledge, but also on the area where you are going to dive.

What do you need to start diving?

Before diving into this adventure, you should be aware that it is important to have the following mandatory materials:


The mask is very important when diving, since it is the one that will allow us to have a clear vision underwater, in addition to accommodating the nose inside through the rubber or silicone that covers it. Without a mask it is impossible to enjoy the bottom of the sea and its wonders.


Fins are another important element when diving. They allow us to swim in the water. The hands are for holding the flashlight, but never for diving.

The latter is very important. We should only swim with our legs and never use our arms for it. It is advisable that they are open foot fins and that they have an adjustable heel grip.


For those who do not know what they are, booties are neoprene boots that insulate the feet from the cold and allow the fins to fit more comfortably to the foot. It is better to buy booties with fat soles and zippers.

Weight belt and weights

Both are essential elements for diving, as they help your body descend underwater. There are two types of belts: belts with Velcro pouches and buckle belts.

But if you have already got your diving license or want to get it, you will gradually have to buy a wetsuit, gloves and a hood. These are the perfect accessories to protect you from low temperatures underwater.

A hydrostatic vest, also called a jacket, a regulator (a respirator that connects to the air bottle) and a computer, which helps you know when to ascend and facilitates the three-minute safety stop at five meters.

But, as we have already mentioned, for beginners, a mask, fins, booties, a weight belt, and weights are more than enough to have an incredible experience under the sea.